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Jan 262011

In How to Win an Argument with Your Parents:  Part #1, http://thecatutoringsolution.com/66/how-to-win-an-argument-against-your-parents-part-1/, I wrote about writing an essay to your parents to better explain your side of the story.  In Part #2, I have a more advanced technique to really get on your parents good side. 

Instead of writing an essay to your parents explaining the reasons why you are not at fault, this time, try writing an essay pretending to be your parents. 

The reason why parents often get upset is due to fears that they have about you and your well-being.  By putting yourself in your parents shoes, you can get a better understanding of why they are upset with you. 

Try writing to your parents, pretending that you are them and write an essay like the one mentioned in How to Win an Argument with Your Parents: Part #1, http://thecatutoringsolution.com/66/how-to-win-an-argument-against-your-parents-part-1/, only this time, write it from your parents perspective.  Be sure to include an introduction and provide three reasons why your parents might be upset with you. 

By writing this essay, you can get into the mindset of your parents, and maybe you will have a better understanding of what their fears are and you will be able to communicate your ideas with them better.  Plus, when you give them this essay, it will show them that you have put a lot of thought into the situation and they will be relieved that you have thought about their feelings in the process.

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