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Jan 282011

The students of the music department at New Milford High School in New Milford, New Jersey were nervous.  They had just been told that they would lose their program if they did not perform well on a ridiculously hard test.  Not only that, but the test would be performed in front of judges as they were asked to play an impossible music number.  They took the test, knew they had failed and “doomed” the music program.  After the performance, their principal, Eric Sheninger informed them of the news . . . they were on a reality TV show called, “Schooled.”  Principal Sheninger is always looking for creative ways to get his students involved in the learning process.  He is passionate, caring and experienced.

Eric Sheninger

“Creating and sustaining a 21st Century teaching and learning culture that meets the diverse needs of each and every student at New Milford High School,” is his passion.  He believes it is vital that all learners become critical thinkers, problem solvers and creationists, and that the information his school provides is “meaningful and relevant.”

One of Mr. Sheninger’s most rewarding experiences so far was a plaque given to him by the 2008 Senior class at New Milford High School during his first graduation as the school’s principal.  The inscription read, To Our Principal, Mr. Sheninger.  Thank you for your constant positive outlook, your unwavering enthusiasm for what you do, and your never-ending determination to make New Milford High School the best it can be.  We can only hope, many years from now, after all the successes you will undoubtedly achieve, you will look back with much fondness and sweet memories of your first graduating senior class, the Class of 2008.  The plaque caught him completely by surprise, he “literally had to choke back tears.”

Not only is he the Principal of New Milford High School, but Sheninger has also given presentations on numerous topics, including:  Change Leadership; Leading and Learning with Social Media; Personal Learning Networks;  Harnessing the Power of Educational Technology; Web 2.0 Apps for Teaching and Learning and The Ins and Outs of Twitter for Educators.  He is extremely active in social networking and has his own website designed to be a “digital portfolio” for those interested in understanding his work as the Principal of New Milford High School, www.ericsheninger.com.

The students of the music department will never forget what happened to them in June 2007, when they were pranked by their principal.  Not only was Mr. Sheninger able to pull off the prank, but in the process the students received a private concert from the All American Rejects, a bag valued at $500 from Office Max and he was able to get $60,000 for the school.  He is an advocate of education, devoted to his students and extremely knowledgeable.  I need $60,000 . . . Principal Sheninger, will you prank me?

If you would like to get more information about Eric Sheninger or the students of New Milford High School, please visit his website, www.ericsheninger.com.

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