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Sep 272013

As the new school year begins, many parents and students may find themselves staying up at night thinking of ways to make this year count and make it the most educationally enriching.  There are many essential bits of information that parents and students should know in order to guarantee a better probability of succeeding and achieving the desired educational goals – parent involvement is necessary, and there is no better way to stay involved than by staying informed.  We have compiled some tips for parents, specifically from the Chaffey Joint Union High School District, in order to help you understand what information is invaluable to helping your student achieve educational success.

– Back to School Night – Back to school night is a must for all parents.  It is essential that you attend this event so that you can meet all your child’s educators and find out what your student will be learning throughout the year.  You also get the opportunity to introduce yourself to your student’s teachers and let them know that you are involved and committed in your child’s education.  We find that most teachers are better able to help students who have parents/guardians that are involved and invested in helping their kids succeed.

– Online Resources – There is so much information to learn by simply going online and checking your school district or child’s school website.  Although not every school website is up to date, there are many that are updated frequently and that provide lots of information that can help guide parents as to what to do or where to go to stay informed.

  • Student Grades – With the advent of technology in education, it has become a lot easier for parents to stay updated on their children’s grades.  Many teachers provide exact breakdowns on the different assignments that the students had to complete and what grade they received on them.  Parents are now able to find out if their kids missed any assignments or what areas they are struggling with.  For example, if they are performing poorly on tests, or if they are missing homework assignments, or failing to participate.  This information is vital to coming up with a plan to help your child live up to her/his full potential.  Many schools offer parents the option of creating their own account in order to stay updated on grades.
    • Chaffey Joint Union High School District – For each school there is a link that says “Register Now”, where you can register for free with School Loop.  School Loop allows you to connect with teachers and counselors, to submit work electronically, to stay updated on grades, to check assignments, and to view school news and events.
  • School Calendars – You can also check the school/district calendar online.  The district calendar will keep you informed on holidays, school breaks, staff development days (days where kids don’t go to school), parent conference days, state mandated testing days, back to school night, among other important dates.  To stay updated on specific events going on at your student’s school, be sure to check out the calendar for your child’s school.
  • Staff Directories –
    • For most schools, staff directories are available on each school website.  Look for the Staff Pages, Class Pages, or Faculty and Staff Links to find your student’s teachers’ email addresses.  Many teachers are open to communicating via email with parents, which can be a great way to stay informed on your child’s education; however, be mindful that teachers have a lot of students and a lot of work to do, so make sure not to overwhelm them with questions that you can easily find the answer to elsewhere.
    • To find out your child’s specific counselor, click on the link that says Counselors, Counselor’s Page, or Counseling Office, among other variations.  Counselors can provide a lot of help and be a vital resource to your child’s success.  Counselors can be especially helpful when your child runs into a problem.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – You can also find information on the school websites on how to become more involved in your child’s education and/or school.  Many schools offer the opportunity to be part of the PTA, PFA, Booster Clubs, or to simply offer your time to go help in your child’s classroom.  In many schools, parents also have the option to help during field trips.  All in all, offering a helping hand is always a good way to get to know your child’s teachers, and the school staff, a bit more personally, plus, it also makes it easier for your child’s teacher to focus on educating your child and his/her classmates if they have a helping hand.
  • Syllabus – Not all teachers provide a syllabus; they are mostly found at the high school and college levels.
    • Syllabi are essential to letting parents and students know what to expect from that course, and what will be expected of the students.
    • They also typically give a breakdown of what every assignment is worth, i.e. what percentage of the overall grades participation, tests, essays, homework, etc. are worth.
    • Check with your child’s teachers to see if they have a syllabus.  You may be able to find the syllabus on the teacher’s website.  Many teachers have their own personal class websites accessed through the main school website.
  • Other – You can also find other vital information on the Chaffey Joint Union High School District.  You can find information from after school programs, to food and nutrition services, bell schedules, school policies, dress codes, employment opportunities, and bus information, among other vital tidbits.

There is a lot more vital information out there; however, we have found that these are some of the most essential bits of information that will lead you to become a more informed parent and will allow you to help your student be a successful learner.  Use the resources you have at hand to help your child succeed in school.


Finally, we also think that tutoring is a great way to increase the odds of your child performing well in school and growing as a learner.  Nothing compares to the one-on-one attention that students receive when working with a tutor.  For information on tutoring in Ontario, tutoring in Rancho Cucamongatutoring in Chino, tutoring in Montclair, Mount Baldy, Upland and Fontana please email (thetutoringsolution@gmail.com) or call us (909-238-8233) and we will be happy to help your child learn how rewarding learning can be.  To find out more information about the services we offer click on the link.

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