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Oct 082013


The Tutoring Solution’s September 2013 Student of the Month – Theresa Valdez

The Tutoring Solution’s September 2013 Student of the Month – Theresa Valdez

Theresa Valdez was chosen as our Student of the Month for September 2013, because of several reasons; the main one being, her strong desire to learn and succeed in life.  Theresa is an intelligent and motivated student who does not shy away from working hard to achieve her goals.  This year she has added on quite a few additional tasks to her already hectic schedule; she has taken on a multitude of advanced placement (AP) classes, along with some extracurricular activities.  Theresa clearly understands that there is nothing like hard work to achieve one’s goals.

Unlike many students her age, including many adults, Theresa knows the value of hard work and therefore does not expect things to be handed to her.  She knows that when it comes to learning, there are no shortcuts.  Her tutor, Laura, says that Theresa “is not afraid to ask questions when she needs further explanation.  She is also willing to do extra, unassigned problems just for practice.”  She clearly demonstrates a strong urge to learn and to continue improving.

Theresa has been receiving tutoring from us since April of 2013.  She has been working with Laura Mitchell, from the beginning, to improve her math skills, and she just recently started working with Kimberly Cruz as well, to help with her AP US History Class.  Right from the first few sessions of working with Laura, Theresa saw the benefits of having a one-on-one tutor guide her through the tasks that were giving her the most difficulty.

Like many of the students we have the pleasure of working with, Theresa has the support of her family, who constantly pushes her to live up to her full potential.  Support from loved ones is an integral part to student success.  We look forward to continuing to see Theresa thrive and achieve all her goals and dreams.  We would like to thank her, along with the rest of our Students of the Month, for inspiring us, and those around them, to work harder to achieve our own goals.


If you feel that your child has improved in school, due to the tutoring they have received from us, and you would like them to be featured as our student of the month, please send us an email letting us know how your child has improved.  We hope you can help us how show proud we are of each one of our students.

We provide tutoring in Norco, Eastvale, Chino, Chino Hills, Mira Loma, Alta Loma, Ontario, Corona, Rancho Cucamonga, and all the surrounding cities.  We have students from Sky Country Elementary, Oxford Preparatory Academy, Heritage Oak Private Education, Townsend Junior High School, Roosevelt High School, Alta Loma High School, Norco High School, Centennial High School, Chino Hills High School, Ontario Christian High School and Ayala High School.

Please email us (TheTutoringSolution@gmail.com) or call us (909-238-8233) today to schedule tutoring for your child.

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