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Dec 122013

The Tutoring Solution

End of Year Questionnaire Attachment Included arrow-right  EndOfYearQuestionnaire2013

The purpose for this survey is to improve our services, to ascertain the quality of our tutors and to use information given by you to post on our website and other materials to advertise our business.

1) Have you seen specific results that show you/your child has benefited from our tutoring? If so, what are they?

2) Would you refer us to others? Why or Why Not? If Yes, how can we make it easier for you to refer our tutoring services to others?

3) What are we doing right?

4) What needs improvement?

5) What can we do to enhance/improve your tutoring experience?

6) Any additional comments, questions or concerns?

Thank you so much for becoming a part of The Tutoring Solution. The best education comes from one-on-one tutoring with responsible people who guide the learning process to foster creativity, understanding and development. The Tutoring Solution is dedicated to improving your child’s education and to help every student who signs up with us achieve excellence.

Cynthia De La Torre
The Tutoring Solution 
(909) 238-8233

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