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Multiple Intelligence Test

 Posted by at 7:50 pm
Jan 292011

Want to know how your child learns best?  Have your child complete this test to help understand what their preferred learning style is.

Multiple Intelligence Test

Directions:   Rank each statement on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 meaning that it describes you the most.


  • I am careful about the words I choose.
  • I express myself well in words, written, or spoken.
  • I am grammatically correct.
  • I use spoken or written words to influence or persuade others.
  • I am understand the sounds, rhythms, inflections, and meters of words, similar to what is found in poetry.
  • I read often.
  • I like to write.


  • I like all kinds of music.
  • I know the basics of music such as harmony, chords, and keys.
  • I like to compose or create music.
  • I enjoy performing music, such as singing or playing a musical instrument.
  • I have a good sense of musical rhythm.
  • I have a good sense of musical pitch.
  • I have quick and accurate physical reflexes.


  • I am good at mathematics and calculations.
  • When I have a problem, I use a logical, step-by-step process to get a solution.
  • I am skeptical in accepting facts, reasons, and principles.
  • I require scientific explanations about way things work in the world.
  • I would like to become a chemist, engineer, physicist, astronomer, or mathematician.
  • I enjoy working with numbers.
  • I like questions that have definite “right” and “wrong” answers.


  • In my mind, I can visualize clear, precise, and sharp images.
  • I have a good sense of direction.
  • I am good at putting together jigsaw puzzles, or identifying patterns.
  • I can read a map easily.
  • I am able to graphically produce replications of the real world in drawing, painting, sculpting, drafting, or mapmaking.
  • I like to do activities in order to learn, as opposed to being lectured about them.
  • I am good at estimating distances and measurements.


  • I am well-coordinated.
  • I am good at using hand-held objects, like scissors, balls, hammers, paintbrushes, needles, pliers, etc.
  • I am good at dance, sports, or games.
  • I work well with my hands.
  • I relieve stress and have fun doing physical activities.
  • I have quick reflexes.
  • I have accurate aim when throwing things or aiming things.


  • I understand why I believe and behave the way I do.
  • My self-understanding helps me make wise decisions.
  • I understand my emotions which help me decide whether or not to be involved in certain situations.
  • I understand the complexity of my feelings, emotions, and beliefs.
  • I rely on myself more than others.
  • I have strong opinions and am not swayed by others.
  • I affect the world around me.


  • I understand the moods, temperaments, values, and intentions of others.
  • I can influence other individuals to believe my own beliefs, preferences, and desires.
  • I would like to be involved teaching, counseling, politics or religious leadership.
  • I can help groups or couples solve problems.
  • I understand what motivates others even when they are trying to hide their motivations.
  • I am comfortable and confident with groups of people.
  • I have a large group of friends.

Results:  The results of this survey should give you a good idea about what type of learner your child is.  The tutors of The Tutoring Solution can use this information when preparing for tutoring sessions.  The tutors are highly adaptable and when asked, can perform this test to assess the learning style of your child and use tutoring techniques and strategies that appeal to your child’s learning style.

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