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May 192014
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Growing up, I have always set high standards for myself. Whether it was school or soccer, I constantly pushed myself in order to exceed my parents’ expectations. Now that I am older, I choose to excel in all that I do for my personal satisfaction, no one else’s. My academic success is nationally recognized by the National Society of High School Scholars, while my success in soccer has blessed me with the opportunity to play for one of the world’s most recognized women’s professional soccer coaches, Abner Rogers. My academic and athletic accomplishments have allowed me to be recruited by numerous colleges, but among those I chose to commit to Hamline University in Minnesota in order to receive a superb education while playing college soccer.

I have always had an innate desire to support and lend a hand to others. As a child, I constantly volunteered for any task. Whether it was passing back papers or watering the plants, I eagerly insisted that I would help. While in high school, my enthusiasm to help others has developed into a much broader spectrum; I heartily provide aid to both my local community as well as the global community.

Through my participation in various high school clubs and volunteering, I have been blessed with the opportunity to assist others, which has significantly shaped my perspective on the well-being of people. My involvement in the Give Back Garden Club has allowed me to influence the health choices made in my local community, since one main focus of this club is selling produce in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. Internationally the Give Back Garden Club uses a percentage of the proceeds made from selling produce to buy irrigation systems for villages in developing countries, in order to improve the quality of their drinking water. The mere thought that many people, especially children, are not provided with clean drinking water is absolutely appalling to me. Taking part in this club has caused me to be more grateful for the many blessings I receive each and every day. Coming to terms with reality, I know that I can never completely change the evils that third-world countries face, such as the devastation of war and malnutrition, along with the many other troubles that engulf their lives. However, my hope and self-motivated mindset constantly encourage me to help those in most dire need. By participating in this club, I have developed concern for the welfare of people, not only in my community, but in international communities as well. Being blessed with the occasion to affect the lives of families in foreign countries has inspired me to shape and impact the lives of many more while attending college.

As I further my education in college, I plan to take a similar path by attaining a major in biology, which will allow me to pursue a career in forensic pathology. Through this career, I will directly impact and affect the well-being of my local community. Being able to determine what exactly happened to the many victims I encounter will allow me to console many families in times of grief and sadness. Forensic pathology will enable me to uphold justice by testifying in court as well. During my recruiting visit for soccer, I met with Professor Myster, the Director of Forensic Sciences at Hamline University. I recall her asking me why I wanted to work in forensics. I responded that any careers in forensic science will allow me to help others by bringing closure to the families of victims. Professor Myster was extremely glad to hear my answer, she mentioned that many students do not seem to understand that forensics is about giving back to the local community by unveiling the truth as well as calming the many grieving families who have endured such an unfortunate loss. During our meeting, she also informed me about the different internships her past students participated in, which grasped my attention. I was in complete wonder and awe over the many stories she shared with me. Ever since our meeting, I have been absolutely certain that Hamline’s forensic science certificate program and biology department will provide me with a superb education necessary for pursuing a career in forensic pathology.

In order to influence the global community while attending Hamline University, I intend to study abroad. Studying abroad will not only enable me to learn in an international setting, but it will also give me the opportunity to become immersed in various cultures as well. I have family scattered throughout the world: Mexico, Italy, Norway, Spain, Brazil, and Canada. Because I am close with most of my extended family, I value the diversity of cultures each and every member of my family brings. My appreciation for other cultures and spontaneity is why I want to travel to numerous countries such as Greece, Argentina, India, Thailand, and South Africa, only a few among many. During my travels, I intend to utilize my free time in order to take part in international charities. My involvement in such organizations would directly affect many lives; improving these lives for the better would give me satisfaction. I plan to continue to make similar contributions, as I did in high school, to both my local and global community. My passion to help others will be lived out substantially while attending Hamline University.

Because I have five siblings, my parents will not be able to financially support each child in college. My older sibling and my father are currently attending college. My father is in a master’s program for Educational Psychology, which he will complete in two years. My older sister will be attaining her teaching credential next year, and within two years my younger brother will be attending college as well. I pride myself in being a very independent person, which is why I am seeking out other forms of financial aid to support myself in college, so that my parents do not have to worry about their financial stability. If I were to be awarded with this scholarship, I would use the money for my tuition, books, and other incidentals that will need to be paid for while I attend Hamline University. Any money I do receive will be greatly appreciated, and I assure that every cent will be spent wisely in order to further my education.

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