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Jun 242014

Meet our 2014 Facebook Scholarship Contest Winner – Keely Schemmer.

Keely wrote a very impressive essay about her passion for music and how she is currently working towards becoming a middle school music teacher and inspiring all of her students to love music as much as she does. She really is an impressive young lady. To learn more about her, read her essay below.

Congratulations Keely!

Keely Schemmer: Winner of the $250 Facebook Scholarship Contest

Keely Schemmer: Winner of the $250 Facebook Scholarship Contest

From childhood to adolescence, I never really had many friends. Instead, I had music. Through the joys and the trials, music was always there for me. My journey with music started long before I could ever pick up an instrument or read a single note.

I am passionate about music because of its roots in who I am today. I was introduced to music when I was an infant. As I’d wander, more like waddle, into my dad’s office, I would become introduced to classic bands such as Queen, REO Speedwagon, and Billy Joel. Along with that, my dad would play piano for me and my siblings. Songs would come alive as my dad would “tickle the ivories” for us, performances that left a mark on my heart. This opened a gateway for me, as I started to gain an interest in music.

Moving along through my childhood, my older siblings played instruments in band at their schools. As they would practice, I wasn’t particularly bothered by the sounds of premature musicianship. Instead, it reignited in me a love for music. As I finally became of age to join the band at my elementary school, I signed up and was ready to begin learning how to play instruments and read music. This further set me up to be where I am today with music, inspired to be an inspiration to others through music.

Today, I have learned how to play trumpet, euphonium, trombone, tuba, guitar, bass, and piano. Through hard work and dedication, I have been able to learn these instruments, as well as music theory to explain what I am doing as I am playing them. I am currently a Worship Apprentice at Crossroads Christian Church and am working toward earning my degree in music as well as my teaching credential to share my passion with others.

On a local level, I plan on using my passion for music to give hope to middle school students. Right now, I am studying music at Norco College with the end goal of getting my AA and certificate in Music, in which I plan on transferring to Cal State Fullerton to continue my education and get my teaching credentials. What music has done for me, given me a creative outlet and an irreplaceable friend, I hope to give to others. On a broader level, I plan on using my passion for music and bringing my knowledge of music to others around the world. I believe that music ignites a deep connection to our true selves, as long as a deep connection to others as we share it with them. I am excited to be a part of the adventure that music will take me on, to the places I will embark and the to the people I will encounter there.

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