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Jun 212014
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Growth in the human life is known to be something no one can stop, yet everyone can alter, if chose upon. It is set up in a perspective of physical and mental evolution and it usually comes natural to each person without the individual taking notice. Everyone has that one person in their life, that moment in their life, or even that passion that causes them to flourish as a person, find themselves, and find the ability to grow. For me, it happened to be dance. The art of dance not only served as a personal growth factor and contribution, it also helped realize what my passions were and motivated me towards building the future that I ultimately want.

When I sit and think of the person I was in seventh, eight, and even ninth grade, I cannot help but feel proud of the person I have broken out of. Looking back, I would have never participated in the dance class that served as the ultimate guideline to figuring out my passion. I would have never auditioned for a dance studio team, and I would have never been part of a high school performance in which the whole student boy would lay eyes on. But I did. I decided to break out of my shell and do what I like doing. I admire the person I have evolved to become because I fought for her. I fought against fast paced heartbeats, sweaty hands, and trembling feet. I fought against my comfort zone and decided to no longer hold back on experimenting life and trying new things.

It is thrilling to think that I am perfectly comfortable with performing in front of an audience and that I take pleasure in transmitting the excitement of a beat and rhythm to a public. I have grown and evolved out of a stage of introversion and have found myself. This art was also a big building block in towering my confidence. It not only set up my pleasure of performing, it also eliminated significant fears I had, like public speaking. It also lead to my ability to lead in important clubs in my school, and it all comes back to the confidence dance helped cultivate in me.

I did not have a set passion before dance came in my life. Of course, I had tried a diverse range of extracurricular activities before from basketball, soccer, Jiu Jitsu, to karate, and the list goes on. But none of them filled me like dance has. It motivated and opened my horizons to keep pursuing my education after high school. It encouraged to overcome and become a better person each day. It has made me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to. Dance has been an experience that I am mostly proud of pursuing and I am excited to continue to add on things that make me proud and continue to say that I have grown as an individual in a positive way each day.

The passion and love for dance I have has developed so much that it has reached a level of ideas about spreading this passion. I have given serious thought on even pursuing a career out of the art of teaching dance, and even if I do not end up making a career out of this passion, I still have an option to teach others with the experience I have gained so far. The art of dance has given me infinite number of benefits, options, and ideas that ultimately lead to me helping others as well as me benefitting from my talents.

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