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Jun 222014
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Life is about making the most out of the opportunities you are granted and I intend to use every opportunity to pursue my dream of helping children in third world countries so that health issues will not be another obstacle they have to encounter. When I help them overcome that brick wall, it will be one less thing they will have to worry about and they can have the opportunity to be successful in life. I want to be a pediatrician because the medical world interest me. There can be endless possibilities in finding cures, a cure that may save one life at a time. I am a person who will endlessly strive to help humanity and I will not leave this earth without making a positive impact.

My passion to help humanity has driven me to prepare myself in the medical field and travel to third world countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, where medical care may be lacking. My life will be dedicated to diagnosing any diseases, providing information on how to prevent diseases and keeping children nourished and healthy. To me, a healthy child is equivalent to my entire happiness. I grew up in a community where children had access to medical aid, nutritional information, and a general well-being. I believe that every child should be allowed those same opportunities. Naturally I am aware that the broad scope of the field offers constant intellectual stimulation and challenge and therefore will require extensive studying and practice. However, my passion will drive me to succeed as I know the outcome will be healthy children. Pediatrics is the road I want to take because I will not only help our world become a better place but it will also be a single fulfilling career and an enriching experience.

Honestly I can feel the enthusiasm building up inside of me, and i know that I am capable of challenging myself in order to realize my dream. I have an open and inquiring mind that will allow me to succeed in such a rewarding vocation. I know that, in order to achieve my goals, I must push myself to further my education and overcome any obstacles I may face. I am thirsty for knowledge and the more education and experiences I am exposed to, the more opportunities I will be able to create for children, have greater control of my circumstances, and be a stronger and an effective proponent for my patients. I will vigorously pursue my aspirations to make my God proud, my family proud, and to make a positive impact on humanity. Observing how communities in third wold countries have limited access to healthcare services, but significant healthcare needs has inspired me to pursue a career in which will help diminish the problem one step at a time. In addition to my desire of assisting children, my inquisitiveness has emboldened me to excel and motivated me to explore all the viable options in the medical field. Today it is a dream, but tomorrow, that dream will be my reality.