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Jun 212014
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship - Asia is pictured in the middle

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship – Ching is pictured in the middle

I am passionate about helping other people and taking care of people. In college, I plan to major in nursing. It was in my junior year that I came up with the decision to be a nurse. I feel that this decision came internally. I have the heart and desire to help someone when they are in pain. I believe that nursing is the career for me because it allows me to take care of people that are most in need of help. Nursing allows me to take care of people and talk to them when they have no one to talk to and at the same time I can receive joy out of it. I want to be able to help people that do not necessarily have the abilities to help themselves. When I am able to help someone, I get satisfaction knowing that I have the ability to help someone. By helping someone, I feel that I can actually contribute back to my surrounding. Another important factor that made me want to pursue in the career of nursing is because of the encouragements and support that I received form teachers and family. I know that my family is always to support me in what I do, and they will always stand by my side. Teachers are also another great support in what I want to do. Throughout my high school years, every teacher that I had was serious and passionate in what they taught. Seeing them being so passionate in their work inspires me to pursue my own career. i am passionate on taking care of those that are ill and those that feels hopeless because of their conditions. If I can just put a smile on one patient each day then I would feel mission accomplished. Taking care of patients and talking to them makes me feel that my existence has a positive impact around my surround. I want to be a nurse because it allows me to have the chance to help others when at the same time it is what I enjoy to do.

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