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May 172015
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Scholarship Winner:

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Scholarship Winner:

“Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!” These sounds were constantly recurring. The perpetual hammering stimulated my ears, and the only time it was quiet was when my father finished his project. An engineer himself, he was an independent man who took everything in his now hands. My father painted the house with originality; almost every equipment we owned, from chairs to the air-conditioners, were custom-designed and made from scratch. It was difficult for me as a kid to comprehend these laborious actions. One day, my father finished another strenuous project and I asked him a simple question, “Why didn’t you just call a mechanic to fix the car’s engine?” “Because why rely on someone else when you can do it yourself?” he answered. I did not understand what this meant. I did not care that I did not understand because I was annoyed and agitated by the continuous hammering and the distance between us. I kept this frustration towards my father to myself which haunted me all the time. One road trip, however, bent my vision.

The car tire popped out of nowhere. It was already dark. I tried calling authorities for help, but we were too far from the city. It would be morning by the time assistance arrived. My face clouded from disappointment but my father stepped out of the car. All I could do in this darkness was watch. What interrupted the silence was a strangely familiar sound. “Thwack! Thwack!” I looked out the window and saw my father working, eye-level with the tire. A nut between the tire and the alloy broke while he was working. My father soaked a part of shirt with oil and attempted to remove the tire. It took him several tries, and finally it came off.

I was stunned. What he did was incredible, but how could he see light in this crisis? In that instant, my father made me realize why he chose to dedicate his sweat to fixing and inventing. It was because this ability can help people.

I aspire to be an engineer because I have seen the healing effects of engineering. For we are in a time of rapid social and technological changes, the need of engineers to think and capture creativity in engineering when developing solutions to open-ended, real-world problems is now greater than ever before. I seek to question, explore, discover, refine, and invent to repair problematic, yet attention deficit areas of technology. My childhood ephiphanies and respect for creativity in resolutions have developed into a moving passion today. As an engineer, I can work on projects that benefit people and our environment, such as developing efficient transportation systems, opting for new sources of energy, alleviating the world’s hunger, and increasing the living standards of countries. I aim to use my knowledge and ability to begin my own project in the field of engineering.

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