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Jun 152015

The Tutoring Solution’s May Student of the Month – Alex Torres

For the month of May 2015, we selected Alex Torres as our Student of the Month. He receives his tutoring in Chino Hills. Alex is a 7th grade student at Townsend Jr. High; we have been working with him since January 2015. He worked with our tutor Chris to help him with his science, English, math and history classes. Alex proved to be a delight to work with.

We first met Alejandro, Clarissa, and Alex Torres at the beginning of January 2015. We met with them in order to discuss their tutoring needs and to ensure that we found the best tutor possible for Alex. They expressed to us that Alex needed someone to guide him and help him with science, English and history. They needed a tutor that would be able to, not only teach, but also motivate Alex. We knew that Chris would be a great choice; after meeting Chris, the Torres agreed.

Chris and Alex got along very well from the beginning. Chris describes Alex as having a great personality, being very smart, and also as a very funny young man. He goes on to add that, although Alex has a hard time staying focused, they managed to find techniques to work around that and to ensure that he retained vital information. Chris really enjoyed his time with Alex; he loved seeing him improve his understanding of the different school subjects while learning some new techniques that will help him in his future studies.

After having worked with Alex for five months, Chris did see Alex improve in several different areas. Chris says that Alex’ grade in math improved and he also saw his understanding of science improve greatly. Nonetheless, most important of all, Alex was able to learn more effective ways of studying as well as how to pace himself when completing assignments so as to not miss any vital information and ensure that he was retaining everything he needed to successfully complete what was required of him. Chris knows that if Alex keeps working hard and uses the tools he was taught, he will continue to see improvements and he will be well on his way to achieving his academic goals. Alex is a wonderful student with great potential, he just needed someone who could guide him and help him learn how best use his energy to study and learn successfully.

Alex’ parents also noticed improvements in his understanding of the course materials as well as in his confidence in himself. They said, “Not only has Alex’ grades improved, but his outlook on studying and organization has made a great difference on him as well. Alex’ self confidence has greatly improved in school. We thank our awesome tutor Chris for a wonderful job!!! Highly recommended for any student having trouble. Chris has made a life changing adjustment in Alex’ life, Alex future academic goals look bright.” Clearly Chris was a great match for Alex’ tutoring needs. We could not be more delighted about the results that Alex and his family saw. We strive to find the best tutor for each one of our students, and it sounds like in this case, we did just that.

We could not be more pleased with our time with the Torres family; they are kind, dedicated, and very involved in Alex’ education. Thanks to their openness to work with us and their tutor and their continued hard work, Alex was able to reap the benefits of tutoring and begin to see some very essential changes in his perception of learning. We know that nothing but success awaits Alex’ academic future, as long as he continues to have the support of his parents and as long as he continues to work hard and strive to live up to his potential. Congratulations Alex! We look forward to hearing about all your future successes!


If you feel that your child has improved in school, due to the tutoring they have received from us, and you would like them to be featured as our Student of the Month, please send us an email letting us know how your child has improved.  We hope you can help us show how proud we are of each one of our students.

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