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Feb 192011

According to your website, you have taught pretty much all ages and subjects.  What was your favorite grade to teach?  What did you teach at the High School level?

When I started teaching it was at the high school level. I taught English/Drama. My favorite grade to teach is 1st grade because my favorite subjects to teach are reading and writing. You can’t teach one without the other and children need a strong foundation in each. I find it very rewarding to turn a non reader into a reader in the course of a year.

 What has been the most rewarding experience so far?  The most fun?  The most entertaining?

I also use a self publishing company to publish a class book that the students write each year. This teaches them the writing process from creating ideas, through revision to the final product and empowers them to feel like writers from an early age.

How long have you been running your website?  What made you start it?

I like most teachers that have been teaching a long time have learned a wealth of information over the years. I realized that many parents had questions that they wanted answered but they often didn’t take the time to ask their child’s teacher. When I was working on the National Board the program stresses the importance of 2 way parent/teacher communication. My web site allows me to reach out to both parents and teachers to accomplish that goal.

What has been your favorite post?  The most commented on post?  The most viewed post?

The most popular posts on my site are often the more trendy ones about facebook, iPods, and teaching children to read. Many people find my site through twitter/facebook.

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