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Jul 202015

To learn more about polynomials, click play and watch the lesson by our tutor Blake Morris.

Below you will find a recap of what the video covers and at what point, in case you wish to move ahead to a section you need help with:

  • 0:09 Where does the word “polynomial” come from?
  • 0:34 What are constants?
  • 1:02 What are variables?
  • 1:48 What are exponents?
  • 3:07 Is it a polynomial?
  • 3:22 What are not polynomials?
  • 5:07 What is standard form?
  • 6:23 Adding polynomials by combining like terms.
  • 8:50 Adding polynomials by using addition of polynomials by columns.
  • 10:46 How do you subtract polynomials?
  • 11:02 Subtracting polynomials using adding by columns.
  • 12:37 Example of a polynomial with addition and subtraction.
  • 14:47 How do you multiply polynomials?
  • 19:42 How do you divide polynomials?
  • 21:59 Recap of lesson.


If you have any suggestions or if there are any topics that we have not covered, and you would like us to create a video of that topic, please email us and let us know.

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