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Apr 212011

One of the most important things that you can do to improve test scores is to check your answer.  It may seem like common sense, but many students do not do this during the test.  After you have completely answered all the questions on a portion of the SAT test, go back and check your answers.  You may catch simple mistakes that were made if you make an effort to check your answers. 

On the math portion of the test, be sure to check your answers again as well.  When you are checking those answers, simply start backwards and make sure that the answer works for the question being asked.  In the Sentence Completion portion of the SAT Test, plug in the words that you used into each sentence to be certain that the word(s) make sense. 

Checking your answers is an important test taking strategy and will lead to higher SAT scores if you remember to do so.

  2 Responses to “SAT Test Prep Tip #1: Check Your Answer”

  1. Sometimes the stress of taking the SAT makes students forget some simple steps. It’s very important to check your work. One way to be less stressed during the exam is to be prepared. Many schools offer SAT prep classes and tutoring is always an option.

    • The SAT Test can be extremely stressful. SAT Prep Programs, like The Tutoring Solution’s SAT Prep Program, help to prepare a student for the format and style of the SAT’s and helps to alleviate some of the stress associated with it. And like your comment suggested, sometimes students nerves get to them and their scores suffer as a result. Being prepared for the SAT’s will help to improve test scores.

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