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Oct 152015
The Tutoring Solution's Tutor: Ernesto Figueroa

The Tutoring Solution’s Tutor: Ernesto Figueroa

  • What is your experience as a tutor or teacher?

I am the eldest of 5 children and have helped each one of them with their homework and assignments when needed. While in college, I was apart of the Joint-Education Project in downtown Los Angeles where I helped elementary school students on their daily assignments in the classroom. Most recently, I was a mentor to high school students who were interested in becoming engineering majors in college.

  • What subjects are you best at?

Mathematics (All levels from basic math skills to Calculus and Differential Equations)

Physics (All levels)


  • What is your schedule like? What days and times are you available to tutor?
Tutor is no longer available.
Tutor’s schedule is subject to change.
  • Where did you attend school (or what school are you currently attending)? What degrees do you have and/or are currently working towards?
I am a recent graduate from the University of Southern California with a BS in Biomedical Engineering.
  • What cities can you tutor in (i.e. how far are you willing to drive to tutor)?

I am willing to travel within a radius of 15 miles from Montclair. Would consider traveling further if need be.

  • Are you open to tutoring students via Skype or another online platform?
  • What are your future career goals?
I hope to work in industry with medical devices. I want to be able to design and test new products to help people around the world.
  • What are your hobbies? What do you like to do for fun?

I am an avid sports fan and love keeping up with all of my favorite teams. If I need a change of pace I enjoy going out to the golf course or having a quiet night in doing puzzles and building things.

  • What accomplishments have you achieved while working as a tutor/teacher?

I helped a student get interested in computer coding. She came to me with no knowledge or interest in the subject and left with the ability to fly a remote control helicopter using a flight plan she created using computer code.

  • What do you enjoy the most about tutoring/teaching?

I enjoy seeing the students become more and more interested in the subjects they once had trouble in.


If you’re interested in hiring Ernesto as a tutor, please contact us at (909) 238-8233 or email us at TheTutoringSolution@gmail.com. To learn more about our other tutors, click on the link.

We provide tutoring in Ontario, Chino Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, Eastvale, Alta Loma, Corona, Norco, Mira Loma and all the surrounding cities.  We have students from Sky Country Elementary, Oxford Preparatory Academy, Townsend Junior High School, Roosevelt High School, Alta  Loma High School, Norco High School, Centennial High School, Chino Hills High School, Ontario Christian High School and Ayala High School.

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