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Feb 222011

Dr. Jack Truschel has some great tips on how to run a succesful tutoring program.  In his article, “6 Habits of a Highly Effective Tutor,” he highlights important attributes that a tutor must have in order to be effective.  At The Tutoring Solution, we work hard to insure our tutors develop and enhance these six habits.  The six habits are “being proactive, assessing the student, developing a working alliance, modeling appropriate behavior, matching learning styles with tutor styles, and communicating effectively.”

Being proactive means that when a student is assigned to our tutors, we make immediate contact with the student or the student’s parent and set up the first tutoring session in a timely and efficient manner.

Assessing the student is extremely important when providing effective tutoring.  The goal of the student’s learning must be set by the tutor, parents and student.  These assessments are used to determine the students abilities and prior knowledge and helps to determine how to move forward.

Developing a working alliance means developing a healthy relationship with the student.  Each student is unique and different and the tutor must understand what motivates and inspires students.  Tutors must also develop to show that their goals and the students goals are the same.

By modeling appropriate learning behavior, tutors demonstrate the importance of learning and how to attack problems that arise in the learning process.  Students who have difficulty understanding material often demonstrate anxiety and frustration when assigned tasks.  The tutor must demonstrate that not understanding how to do things is part of the learning process.  They must then teach students the steps needed to become succesful.

Tutors must present content in the student’s preferred learning style.  Often, this requires trial and error, but eventually tutors need to adhere to the student’s learning style and present material in an understandable way to the student. 

Communicating effectively is one of the most imporant tools an effective tutors can have.  The tutor must be able to recognize when a student understands something and when they do not.  They must also be able to effectively communicate ideas and procedures that will lead to a student’s success by using easily understood vocabulary, appropriate body language and providing constructive feedback.

“Tutoring can cause a shift of negative feelings to positive feelings, providing a sense of positive personal interaction, increased self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-regulation!  Success is achieved through the synergy of tutoring!”

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