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Aug 012016
The Tutoring Solution's 2016 Student of the Year Scholarship Winner - Mena Mekhaeel

The Tutoring Solution’s 2016 Student of the Year Scholarship Winner – Mena Mekhaeel

We selected Mena Mekhaeel as our 2016 Student of the Year Scholarship Winner. Mena receives his tutoring in Mira Loma. He graduated from Eleanor Roosevelt High School, last school year and he is now attending Cal State Fullerton – he hopes to get a degree in Biology and become a doctor. We have been working with Mena since the beginning of 2014. For the past 2.5 years, he has been working with Laura. Laura has been helping Mena with different advanced math and science courses that Mena has taken throughout his academic life. Mena has definitely been an outstanding student to work with and it has been wonderful to see him grow throughout these past 2 years.

We began working with Mena halfway through his junior year of high school, because he needed a bit of extra support in his pre-calculus class. Based on the information his mother provided, we knew right away that Mena was a very bright and special student and that we had to find someone that would be able to challenge him intellectually. We ended up pairing him up with our tutor, Laura. Laura was the perfect fit for Mena – they hit it off right away. Right after their first session, when we spoke with Laura, she said she was so impressed by Mena’s high level of intelligence and for the deep questions he posed. They seemed like a perfect match because of their love of learning math and science.

Mena is one of those exceptional students that likes to be challenged academically. He has continually taken some of the hardest courses offered at his high school and college and has managed to excel in pretty much all of them. Although he was not always the most motivated when it came to studying, outside of the tutoring sessions, once he reached college, he realized that in order to achieve his goals, he was going to have to work harder than ever. He saw the opportunity and the challenge that college presented and he took it on head first. He achieved his goal of getting straight A’s his first year of college, while continuing to take some of the more challenging courses available (he took Calculus this year, just for fun).

Laura describes Mena as a determined and bright student. She says that she enjoys working with him because of how focused and prepared he always is during their tutoring sessions. He has a clear respect for education and educators. Laura has not been the only tutor to work with him; Mena has had a few substitute tutors to help him along the way (when Laura has been unavailable). Each one of his tutors has said nothing but wonderful things about Mena. The first things they always mention is how bright, respectful and eager to learn Mena is. Each of our tutors that has worked with Mena has expressed the joy they feel from working with a student who loves to learn and who also challenges them to be better educators.

Mena is a fantastic young man who sets high goals for himself and achieves them. He never ceases to impress us. He was previously selected as one of our 2014 Share Your Passion Facebook Scholarship Winners – he wrote a fantastic essay about his passion for the arts. Additionally, he was also selected as our May 2014 Student of the Month. He has proven to be an absolute joy to work with and a true inspiration. We know many more successes will follow.

We would like to thank and congratulate both Mena and Saly for trusting us these past 2.5 years and for letting us be part of their academic journey.

On July 13th, 2016, we were delighted to be able to interview Mena and his mother, Saly. To learn about their academic and tutoring experience, click to watch the video.

If you feel that your child has improved in school, due to the tutoring they have received from us, and you would like them to be featured as our Student of the Month, please send us an email letting us know how your child has improved.  We hope you can help us show how proud we are of each one of our students.

We provide tutoring in Corona, Norco, Eastvale, Chino Hills, Chino, Mira Loma, Alta Loma, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, and all the surrounding cities.  We have students from Sky Country Elementary, Oxford Preparatory Academy, Heritage Oak Private Education, Townsend Junior High School, Roosevelt High School, Alta Loma High School, Norco High School, Centennial High School, Chino Hills High School, Ontario Christian High School and Ayala High School.

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