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Feb 252011

The Time Machine

This assignment asks you to travel in time to any date in the past, or any date in the future. Your writing sample will be based upon your experience on this new world and what you imagine it would be like. Let your imagination run wild! I will look forward to hearing about your time machine adventure.

Your opening paragraph must create interest by explaining how you feel and what you see in this new time period. Your thesis must introduce three topics of this different world that you are going to discuss.

Each of the three body paragraphs must cover one topic of the new world in detail. Be sure to choose three separate topics and do not overlap the ideas from one body paragraph to another.  Here are some examples: 

  • Where do the inhabitants live?
  • What types of things do people like to do?
  • What types of games do they play?
  • How do they live together?
  • What do they do for food?
  • Any topic you choose will work, just make sure that each paragraph is about a different topic

The conclusion must include a link, the restatement of your thesis and an interesting ending. The link will revert back to your hook. The restatement of your thesis should be similar to your thesis, but worded differently. The interesting ending should be your attempt to make the reader feel good about what he or she has just read.

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