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Mar 012011

9.  The Purpose of the Multiple Intelligence Test – http://thecatutoringsolution.com/465/the-purpose-of-the-multiple-intelligence-test/

8.  Demonstrate Your Love of Learning Daily – http://thecatutoringsolution.com/95/demonstrate-your-love-of-learning-daily/

7.  Build a Great Financial Foundation for Your Child – http://thecatutoringsolution.com/449/build-a-great-financial-foundation-for-your-child/

6.  Start Small to Improve Your Child’s Habits – http://thecatutoringsolution.com/105/start-small-to-improve-your-child’s-habits/

5.  Dr. Jack Truschel’s “6 Habits of a Highly Effective Tutor” – http://thecatutoringsolution.com/553/dr-jack-truschels-6-habits-of-a-highly-effective-tutor/

4.  An Interview with Eric Sheninger from EricSheninger.com – http://thecatutoringsolution.com/461/an-interview-with-eric-sheninger-from-ericsheninger-com/

3.  Use the Telephone & Improve Relationships with Parents & Students – A Guestpost on ClassroomTalk.com –  http://classroomtalk.com/?p=439

2.  A Great Way to Understand Your Child: Ask Them to Write – http://thecatutoringsolution.com/447/a-great-way-to-understand-your-child-ask-them-to-write/

1.  Disturbing Trend: American Students Believe that Ability is More Important than Effort – http://thecatutoringsolution.com/476/disturbing-trend-american-students-believe-that-ability-is-more-important-than-effort/

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