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Mar 052011

In a previous article, Dr. Jack Truschel’s “6 Habits of a Highly Effective Tutor,”  http://thecatutoringsolution.com/553/dr-jack-truschels-6-habits-of-a-highly-effective-tutor/, I highlighted the key attributes that successful tutors must have.  In this article, I am going to show you how The Tutoring Solution addresses those issues and why we adhere to the 6 Habits of a Highly Effective Tutor as described by Dr. Jack Truschel.

We are very proactive in acquiring new students.  We make immediate and consistent contact with those who express interest in receiving tutoring from The Tutoring Solution.  We work with you to set up a time frame and schedule that suits your needs and try our best to accommodate your needs every step of the way.

We have a great system in place for assessing a student’s academic levels.  When students need help in one subject, such as Geometry or Chemistry our tutors are able to analyze their prior knowledge by going through the material with them.  When a student is struggling in a variety of classes, we have several different techniques that we employ designed to increase student achievement.  We can assess a student’s learning style, this will notify tutors and parents the preferred learning style of the student.   Several of our elementary tutors have hundreds of hours of experience running diagnostic tests to assess a child’s reading level or mathematical abilities.  Our website offers a variety of resources that we use to assess a student’s capabilities.

All of our tutors have prior experience either at a tutoring capacity or in the classroom.  We pride ourselves in offering the most capable and effective tutors.  Each tutor really strives to understand a student’s way of thinking and delivers the material to the student in the most effective way.

As a tutor of The Tutoring Solution, we always model appropriate learning behavior.  One of the skills students struggle with most is effective work habits and study skills.  By modeling these skills ourselves while with our students, we teach them to think for themselves and frequently we find that the skills we instill in our students lead them to be successful well beyond our time tutoring them.

Our tutors have tutoring experience in the subjects they are asked to tutor and can easily assess a student’s preferred learning style in their content areas.  For example, many math problems can be done in a variety of ways and our tutors can assess and deliver the content in the appropriate way for the student to be able to grasp the concepts covered.

As I’ve eluded to before, all of our tutors are experienced in their content area and educating children.  I personally evaluate every tutor that we hire to ensure that our tutors are able to communicate effectively to our students.

Our tutors have a proven track record of being highly effective.  On a weekly basis, I am receiving calls for parents who are thrilled about the achievement and progress that their children are making.  It is because we use principles and practices that have proven to be effective in one on one tutoring situations and will continue to do so to provide the best tutoring services for those students who sign up for tutoring sessions with us.

If you would like to receive tutoring from some of the most effective tutors in the Inland Empire, Orange County and Los Angelse County.  Call Zeb Welborn at The Tutoring Solution today.

909 973 9089

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