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Mar 162011

To Whom It May Concern,

I began using The Tutoring Solution’s services about 6 months ago. My son had failed almost every academic class during his freshmen year and the first semester of his sophomore year. For the most part, he had given up on school entirely.

Almost immediately I noticed a change in my son’s attitude toward school. Within a few weeks he had more confidence and even many of his teachers began to take notice of his improved performance. Within two months, Nick’s overall class grade went up almost 40% in two of his classes and significantly improved in others.

In order to make up credits for my child I enrolled him in an online course over the summer. The Tutoring Solution provided a tutor that was willing to work with him at all hours of the day to help him succeed. He received two B’s and is awaiting grades from his other two classes. These four classes were basically completed in two month’s time. As a result of those grades his confidence in his own abilities has improved immensely.

The Tutoring Solution also worked tirelessly to make sure his grades improved. They contacted his teachers, developed plans for my son’s success and even gave me constructive advice on how I might help to improve his habits. The tutor was always willing to take the time and extra effort to enhance my sons education.

The tutor truly cared about Nick and showed it through his tireless effort to improve my son’s grades. I would absolutely recommend anyone in need of tutoring services to The Tutoring Solution.

Thank you for all your help,
Jennifer Davis

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