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Group Teaching Assignment

 Posted by at 5:37 pm
Mar 212011

Group Teaching Assignment

Goals for Groups: Each group will be responsible for a section of the textbook to teach to the class. Each presentation should be roughly 20 minutes in length. Each group will appoint a leader to organize the group and delegate work to the rest of the group. Each group must use a visual aid during their presentation. The lesson can not contain more than five minutes of lecture.

Goals for Instructors: Each instructor will be expected to present some aspect of the material to the class.

Goals for your students: Students will develop an understanding of the material that you are presenting to them through your lesson. Make sure that you give them the opportunity to learn the material that you are instructing. Do not let your class mates down.


(70 points) Group grades will be based on:

  • Accuracy
  • Content
  • Creativity
  • Understanding
  • Presentation
  • Visual Aid
  • In-Class Activity

(20 points) Individual grades will be based on:

  • Student Participation
  • Points will be deducted for disruptive or inattentive behavior

Student Participation

Your journal will also be collected at the end of the class presentations. You must have all information, notes and/or student work in your journals in order to get credit for them

Remember that all the information given during student lectures will be on the next exam; therefore, you must take notes from student lessons in order to prepare yourself for the final exam

This is your chance to be the teacher. Ideally, each group is expected to teach the class in the manner in which they would like to be taught and still portraying the information assigned to them in a clear and coherent manner. Be creative!!!!!

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