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Chino Hills Tutoring

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Jan 162014
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Chino Hills James S. Thalman Branch Library

Chino Hills James S. Thalman Branch Library

 The Tutoring Solution’s main headquarters is in Chino Hills. As a resident of Chino Hills for over 30 years, I understand the local environment and the needs of students trying to succeed in academics. Chino Hills has been well-known for the excellent schools that are found in the area and it is highly competitive for students to do well in the classroom.

Ruben S. Ayala High School and Chino Hills High School are the two local High Schools. Townsend Jr. High and Canyon Hills Junior High School feed into those High Schools. And Butterfield Ranch, Chaparral,  Country Springs, Eagle Canyon, Gerald F. Litel, Glenmeade, Hidden Trails, Michael G. Wickman, Oak Ridge and Rolling Ridge are the local Elementary Schools.

The Tutoring Solution has, and will continue to provide exceptional tutoring for students who decide to sign up with us. We have had numerous students, from the previously mentioned schools, enroll with us. We have tutored students from preschool to the 12th grade, including some college students. It is our desire to see students improve and to develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

 While working with some of our Chino/Chino Hills students, we have been able to see great improvements. They have proven to be wonderful, hard-working, and bright students to work with. The students below have been selected as our Students of the Month. Since we have so many wonderful students to pick from, we have decided to create a Student of the Year Scholarship Award.

The Tutoring Solution's Students of the Month, from left to right: Brianna Pell (January 2013), Brianna Viles (February 2013), Dillon Tomicic (March 2013), Tannon Snow (April 2013), Warren Huang (June 2014), and Ava Cornell (September 2014).

The Tutoring Solution’s Students of the Month, from left to right: Brianna Pell (January 2013), Brianna Viles (February 2013), Dillon Tomicic (March 2013), Tannon Snow (April 2013), Warren Huang (June 2014), and Ava Cornell (September 2014). Other Chino Hills Students of the Month not pictured are: Ethan D. (March 2014), Jessica Congleton (April 2014), and Khari Angel (August 2014).

Our mission is to provide tutoring that suits your needs. We have experienced tutors, some of which reside in the Chino/Chino Hills area, who work with students of all abilities and age groups. We have the flexibility to come to your home, meet at a public place or perform online tutoring.  To learn more about our highly qualified tutors, click on the links.

Some of The Tutoring Solution's Current Tutors

Some of The Tutoring Solution’s Current Tutors

If you are interested in receiving tutoring from The Tutoring Solution, please contact our Director, Cynthia De La Torre via phone at (909) 238 – 8233 or via email at Cynthia@TheCaTutoringSolution.com or thetutoringsolution@gmail.com to set up your first appointment.

To learn more about us and read some Recommendations, click on the link.

TRY US OUT FOR FREE. If after the first hour of tutoring you are not satisfied with the session, you will not be charged for that first hour of tutoring.

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