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Apr 012011

According to http://www.april-fools.us/history-april-fools.htm, April Fool’s Day originated in France around 1582.  In France, the New Year was celebrated around April 1. One day the leadership decided to move the date for the new year to January 1.  Obviously, communication amongst people was not as it is today and many people did not get the message that the new year was now 4 months earlier.  So those people continued to celebrate the new year on April 1.  These people were called fools by the local Frenchmen and, eventually, these people began performing pranks on these “Fools.”  Many other countries then began to develop the pranking  traditionon on April 1, and here in the United States, we call it April Fool’s Day.

Today is a day to have some good, clean fun with others.  My recommendation for today is to prank someone. It’s a lot of fun and can build a strong relationship with those you prank.  Just make sure that your prank is light hearted and not likely to injure someone.

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