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The Importance of Praise

 Posted by at 3:30 pm
Apr 172011

“Praise is a powerful form of feedback.”  At the end of each tutoring session, the tutor should go over what the student has learned during the session and reward them with positive comments about the strides they made during that session.  Praise becomes even more powerful when it comes from someone whom the student has developed a positive relationship with. It is important for tutors to develop a strong relationship with not only the student, but the parent as well and provide praise when seeing that improvements have been made.  As a tutor, you should praise every opportunity you get.  For every success big or small, prasie the student, but be genuine in your praise.  Recognizing success is critical when attempting to increase motivation and develop good learning habits. At the end of each session, sit down with your student and praise them for everything they did well during the session.  The more positive encouragement they receive, the more likely it is that they will want to repeat those same behaviors in the future. *All information comes from Keith Topping’s article, Tutoring. Educational Practices — Series 5

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  1. Acknowlegement of progress at every stage is highly beneficial to confidence. A nod of the head can be sufficient, as distinct from well deserved high praise.

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