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Jan 182011

Many children view their parents as “perfect.”  When a child has this perception of their parents, it can be detrimental to their motivation levels.  By acknowledging your mistakes, you allow your child to understand that making mistakes are a part of life and you encourage your children to learn from their mistakes.

When a student views their parent(s) as “perfect,” and they make a mistake, they view it as abnormal and therefore see themselves as mentally inferior.  If too many mistakes are made, then they feel that they can not live up to the expectations of being “perfect,” and lose motivation. 

Another benefit of acknowledging your mistakes is that you show your children that you are willing to learn from your mistakes.  Mistakes are usually embarrassing and difficult to share, but by doing so, you are educating your children that learning is more important than the embarrassment of a mistake.  Your children will appreciate your candor, your relationship with them will be stronger and they will learn a valuable lesson.  Everyone makes mistakes, but the one’s that succeed the most are the ones that learn from those mistakes. 

The “perfect” person does not exist.  Make sure your children know that striving for perfection is important, but that overcoming and learning from mistakes is just as important.  Tell your child, that you are human, that you make mistakes, and that you learn from those mistakes.

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