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Paired Writing Model

 Posted by at 4:25 pm
Apr 192011

One effective way to improve your child’s writing is by using the Paired Writing Model as described in Keith Topping’s article, Tutoring — Educational Practices Series 5.  In the article Topping outlines an effective way to improve student writing achievement in a one on one setting with a student and a tutor that has been proven to increase a student’s writing ability.

The Paired Writing Model can be broken down into 7 steps:

  1. Generate Ideas – The tutor and student discuss ideas for the writing topic, the tutor should write down student ideas.
  2. Map Ideas – The tutor and student should then go back over the ideas together and place the ideas in some sort of logical order.
  3. Draft – Either the student or the tutor can begin to write the draft for the assignment; however, if the tutor is writing the draft it needs to be dictated by the student and the tutor simply transcribes the students ideas.
  4. Read – Both tutor and student read the excerpt paying as much detail to punctuation when doing their reading.  The student reads the same excerpt in the same manner.
  5. Edit – Begin editing by highlighting problem areas where meaning is lost and try to correct those problem areas.  Then, make sure that the organization of ideas is correct.  Lastly, check for spelling and punctuation errors.
  6. Best Copy – Either tutor or student can write the copy since the ideas were generated by both and either could be considered the author of the work.
  7. Evaluate – At a later date, the tutor and student should evaluate their best copy to insure that no changes could be made to improve the work.  If the work is already evaluated then the tutor and students should review the comments to seek improvement for the next assignment.

The Paired Writing model has proven effective when compared against students who did not receive tutoring in this manner.  The tutors of The Tutoring Solution can perform the Paired Writing Model with your students to help improve their writing ability.  If you are interested about receiving tutoring from us, please contact Zeb Welborn at (909) 973 – 9089.

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