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Feb 132011

Do you love to learn?  Do your children?  Want them to learn to enjoy learning?  An excellent way to get your children to love learning is to demonstrate that you, yourself love to learn.  I remember limited things about my childhood, but one thing I do remember was that every day at 7:00 PM my parents TV would be on, Alex Trebek would be answering questions, and three contestants would try to come up with the questions that led to the answer on the popular gameshow, Jeopardy.

My father would sit by the TV and although he was just sitting at the TV shouting out answers, he demonstrated to me his thirst for knowledge.  He wanted to know the answer to things and sought out daily to be smarter than those contestants.  Watching my father shout answers to a television screen helped in someway to inspire my thirst for knowledge.

Jeopardy may not be the most appropriate way to encourage your children to learn, but by demonstrating daily that you value the importance of learning and are continually trying to learn yourself is vital to the success of your children.  As the saying goes, “Actions speak louder than words.”  Telling your students to do well in school, while advisable, is not enough to motivate your child to do better.  Demonstrate your desire to learn and your actions and words will reflect something more valuable to your children . . . the life-long love of learning.

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