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Apr 202011

The SAT Test is arguably the most important test that your child will take in their lifetime.  With today’s economy and the heightened restrictions on admissions to college campuses across the country it is more difficult than ever to get into the college(s) of your choice.  Your child’s Grade Point Average and SAT Scores are the two biggest factors in determining whether or not they are accepted to the college of their dreams.  We designed our SAT program to help improve your child’s SAT test scores to make them more likely to be accepted into the schools of their choice.

Thank you for your interest in The Tutoring Solution’s SAT Prep courses.  At The Tutoring Solution, our motto is “Tutoring to suit your needs.”  Meaning that we always try our best to accommodate you and your child to provide the best tutoring at the times and locations that work best for you.  Our SAT Prep Courses are no different.  Currently, we have three types of SAT Prep programs to choose from and each of these courses can always be modified to suit the needs of your child.

Introductory SAT Prep Course

This is our most popular program.  The Introductory SAT Prep Course is a 10 hour course where we work with your child in a one-on-one setting. We break down the SAT Test by section, go over a series of questions with the student and evaluate their thought processes for each portion of the test. Then we provide test-taking tips and strategies designed to improve their performance on the SAT’s.  After each session we will also provide materials and activities the students can work on outside of our sessions that can increase their performance on the SAT.

SAT Testing Program

During our SAT Testing Program, we sit down with your child and actually have them take a Practice SAT Test.  After they take the test, we will be able to score the test and give individualized feedback for each question on the test.  The actual SAT lasts 3 hours and 45 minutes.  After the evaluation and the question by question breakdown of the test it usually takes about 10 hours of tutoring to get through the test question by question, but sometimes it may take less.

Custom SAT Program

Our third program can be set to your specifications.  If you like we can do one or both of the programs above, or perhaps you’d like us to focus on a section of the SAT or two sections, or maybe you just want us to give brief advice on the best tips to improve scores on the SAT.  Obviously, the more practice your child has at taking the SAT the more likely they will perform well on the test.

SAT Tutoring can be expensive because it does take a lot of prep work and not many tutors are available for SAT Tutoring.  At The Tutoring Solution, we train all of our SAT Tutors on the best practices for SAT Prep work as described by the College Board, the maker and distributor of the SAT.

We charge $50 per hour for SAT Tutoring.  We are willing to work with you to achieve the best SAT Tutoring the way you want and for the price you want.  If you have questions about our pricing or our SAT Programs please contact Zeb Welborn at 909 973 9089 or you can email us at thetutoringsolution@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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