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Jun 272012


Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Having a passion is not just a simple fondness for something, it is a strong and loving attachment to a subject. My entire life I have been passionate about the arts. Every day there has been a bit of time I’ve spent practicing and working on what I wish to spend my life doing.  Although, when you spend time on something you love to do, it does not really seem like work.  The arts have such a wide variety of choices:  mine are painting, drawing, photography, music, and writing.  Every one of these skills helps me to free my mind and soul.  Whenever I am involved in one of these activities, I have no problems, worries or cares.  I am too busy concentrating on the contours of the face, the colors of the leaves on the trees, the next line of my poem or focusing my lens on my camera for that close-up shot.  My art envelops me.  I’ve always felt a strong connection to being able to explain and express myself through colors and shapes.

Through my art, I wish to help others find themselves and find freedom in expression. I also wish to show support for things like politics and minorities. Through my art, I want to give people a sense of my creativity.  And there are also charities I can help with my work. Being close friends with many of the artists that support the Light Bringer Project allows me to give to kids in need a way to be exposed to the arts.  At the first sign of challenges in the economy, arts are the first programs to be cut in the public school community.  Light Bringer raises money from the community to fund art programs in the poorer public high schools in Pasadena and Los Angeles County.  Its mission is: To Build Community through the Power of the Arts.

Per its website, “Light Bringer Project is a nonprofit, Pasadena-based arts organization founded in 1990 by residents who were exploring the historic contributions that artists, architects and craftsmen made to the local environment. Inspired by these achievements, its founders imagined ways to bring more of today’s artists and their creative resources into the mainstream of community life.”  They have received several awards for their work.

I first got involved with Light Bringer, five years ago when I was 13.  You were supposed to be at least 16, but I wanted to be one of the artists in the Pasadena Chalk Festival so badly, I convinced the Director to allow me to enter my work.  Every Fathers’ Day weekend, we are on our hands and knees for at least 12 hours per day, creating our best work in a 10’x 10’ square space of concrete pavement.  We also must submit a 1’x1’ painting to be placed in the silent auction which raises money for the art programs for schools.  Most of the time, I have not finished my masterpiece by the judging on Sunday at 5pm but rather 9 or 10 pm Sunday.  For me, it is not about the prize, but the pleasure I bring to others and the nice comments I receive from those that pass by and tell me I will be famous someday.  And whether I am or not remains to be seen.  But I have helped raise money so others can enjoy art in their school and I have helped to give the community an appreciation for our art.  And even though covered in chalk from head to toe, it has given me some of my fondest memories.

I have also worked with high-risk children who are not able to verbalize what is troubling them, but are able to draw it.  There are many opportunities to help these children express themselves through art.  There are also volunteer days (went with my mom to a LMU Alumni for Others program) which allow underprivileged children to have access to art supplies so they too can express themselves through art.  I am passionate about art, no matter what form it takes.  And as I have been accepted to School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I will continue my formal training in art but will always find a way to bring it back to and for the community.

Jun 052012

For the past few weeks we have been writing blogs that are focused on the benefits of having a high self-esteem, specifically how you can help your children improve their self-esteem.  We strongly believe that people who are secure in themselves and their abilities, are more likely to succeed and to lead fulfilling and happy lives.  To read our previous blog posts click on the links, tip 1, tip 2, and tip 3.  Here is tip number 4.

4)  Encourage and support your children into following their passions and joining a group that interests them.  Make sure that your children participate in activities they love, like sports, the fine arts, music, dance, theater, chess, school clubs, etc.  Children who belong to a group of peers that share their interests, are more likely to feel like they belong and feel connected to others.

If your children feel like their interests are valued, they are more likely to pursue their passions in the future and to choose careers that genuinely make them happy and successful individuals.  An added bonus is that these activities function as stress reducers and they allow your children to deal with stressful situations in a much healthier way.  There is nothing better than doing something you love just for fun and having friends share in the fun with you.

Tell us what you think.  Did extracurricular and creative activities help improve your self-esteem?

If you know someone who could use additional help with school work, be sure to give us a call or send us an email, we are more than happy to help.  We provide one-on-one in home tutoring all over Southern California

Apr 192012

Many studies show that arts education leads to academic achievement, higher test scores, improved self-esteem, increased critical thinking abilities, social and emotional development, boosted motivation, and an improved ability to express oneself and to work well with others, among many other wonderful benefits.  More importantly, arts education teaches kids to learn from mistakes and to keep going.  Even when they are presented with what appear to be insurmountable obstacles, kids learn to use their creativity to overcome these obstacles and to push forward.  All in all, it could be argued that art education is crucial in the educational and emotional development of a young child.

Studies also show that children who receive arts education are 4 times more likely to achieve academically and to participate in math and science fairs and 3 times more likely to get an award for perfect attendance and to be elected to class office in their schools.  What these statistics reveal is that arts education motivates children to be more involved in their school and their overall educational growth.

Nonetheless, although there are many known benefits to arts education, unfortunately, arts education is the first thing that is cut out when there are budget cuts.  This leaves many children (particularly those from lower income homes) to be excluded from gaining the many benefits that arts education has to offer.  Sadly, there seems to be a growing denial of the importance of art education and the need that humans have, as creative beings, to create and express ourselves.  However, it is not a lost cause.

It is our job as educators and parents, to become informed on the benefits of arts education, and to demand that schools offer more of it, in addition to making it our duty to expose our children to art on our own free time.  You can also ask your child’s school how you can help bring arts education to your child and his/her peers.  You might be able to donate some art supplies or even donate your time.  The best thing you can do for your child is to get involved in your child’s education, attend a school board and/or PTA meeting and voice your views on arts education and your child’s future.

Take it a step further, do not simply rely on your child’s school to provide them with an art education, instead, make it a family priority and take your kids to museums (many museums offer workshops for children and families) or buy art supplies from your local art store and experiment with your child (you may already have all the necessary supplies at home).  Not only will you be spending a wonderful afternoon with your child, you will also begin to see the wonderful benefits of art, on both you and your child.

If you or your child would like to share with us why art education is important to you, by expressing yourself creatively (i.e. a drawing, painting, poem, story, sculpture, etc.), feel free to e-mail us with your artistic piece.  In the email, include your name and grade level/age, and we might feature your piece in our blog.

We are a group of passionate educators, and we constantly strive to improve student’s learning experience.  If you feel your child might need extra help, please send us an e-mail or give us a call, we will be more than happy to work with you and your child to ensure his or her future success.