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May 252011
This past weekend I gave a presentation titled, “Be a Blogger” to 4th through 6th graders at The 22nd Annual Chino Valley GATE Together.  For the most part, the students were extremely enthusiastic and excited to learn about blogging.  One such student really didn’t need much instruction on how to write a blog because he has already started writing his own, which has quite a few followers.
Asad, the founder of Nerd Story, posts daily to his blog and updates his readers about a true American Nerd and his story.  It was truly a pleasure to meet Asad at the 22nd Annual GATE Together and this Nerd has some great ideas and a great future ahead of him.
For those of you interested in finding out about Asad and following his Nerd Story blog, and be sure to tell him what you think.
Asad has taken down his Nerd Story blog and opted to put up a new blog titled Campus Insider where he discusses the events that occur in and around his campus.  Check out his blog here, http://www.campusinsider.co.nr/
May 192011

I just received my presenter instructions through e-mail . . . how exciting!

Dear GATE Presenter:

Thank you for agreeing to be a presenter at our GATE-together on May 21, 2011. The program promises to be a very exciting day for all our GATE students.

The program will be held at Townsend Junior High School, 15359 Ilex Dr, Chino Hills Directions to the school can be found on their website: http://townsend.chino.k12.ca.us/

Students will begin arriving at 8:10 to register, and will go straight to their first session. Session 1 is scheduled from 8:30 to 9:30, Session 2 from 9:45 to 10:45, and Session 3 will be from 10:55 to 11:55. Please check name tags to make sure that students are signed up for your workshop and send them to the correct one if they are in the wrong place. . We ask that you please keep the children in your room until the scheduled time for the session to end. .

When you arrive at the school, there will be a check-in desk for presenters. Please stop there and pick up your name tag. There should also be helpers available if you need things carried to the room, so let us know when you arrive it you require assistance. Refreshments will also be available.

You will be asked to fill out a time sheet at the event on Saturday. Please remember to fill it out and return it to me before you leave for the day. Please be sure to leave the room exactly as you found it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at home, 982-5651. My cell phone for the day of the event is 951-805-4707. Please send me your number as well.


Karen Krupnick

May 182011
Zeb Welborn
(909) 973-9088
Twitter: tutorsolutions
4031 Bayberry Dr.
Chino Hills, CA 91709
How to Write a Blog
What do you want your blog to be about?

Choose a title:  ________________________________________________________________

  1. Visit www.wordpress.com
  2. Click the Get Started button
  3. Input the name for your blog
  4. Come up with a user name and password
  5. Make your blog private.  (You can always change it later)
  6. Your blog is set up and ready to use.  You can begin writing.
The Dashboard:
Do you have any questions?

Create your first blog entry:  The Autobiography

Parent permission slip:

The Tutoring Solution would love to publish the blog post you created with us in class today on our blog, www.thecatutoringsolution.com.  However, we need your parent’s permission to post your work on-line.  If you would like us to post your blog article to our website, please scan and email your parent’s signature, along with your article to TheTutoringSolution@gmail.com.  (You may also include a picture that we could include with your article)

Parent Name:  _____________________________________

Parent Signature:  __________________________________
Student Name:  ____________________________________

If I can ever be of assistance to you in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me at TheTutoringSolution@gmail.com or call me at (909) 973 9089.

May 172011

On May 21, The Tutoring Solution has been asked to run a workshop for The Chino Valley GATE-Together. After thinking for quite some time I finally decided on the topic for the presentation – How to Write a Blog.

Thanks to the online community that I have surrounded myself in via Twitter and also massive amount of daily content that I am creating for my blog, I understand the value of blog writing and the impact that it could have on the next generation. I believe that I will be teaching three different classes on blog writing, each of which will be an hour long. The only downside to the presentations is that computers will not be present so, I will have to teach them how to write and set up a blog without using computers. This may seem like a daunting task, but I have a few ideas that will make for an interesting and engaging presentation.

I am really looking forward to presenting at The GATE-Together. I love helping students and I love giving them opportunities to explore their creative sides.