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Jun 292011

Dear Zeb,

I really liked your pointers in your post “Giving Hope to Struggling Students”.  I am the Education and Training Coordinator for a non-profit called School on Wheels.  We provide enhancement of educational opportunities for homeless students in K-12 in Southern California, primarily through one-on-one volunteer tutors.  I hope you don’t mind, but I am sharing a link to your blog in our newsletter.  I hope you will post more frequently about tutoring tips, especially for working with unmotivated students.

I am also wondering if you would have any interest in facilitating a workshop for our volunteer tutors?  I have to be honest that we don’t have funds to pay facilitators, but we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit so any work could potential be a tax write-off.  Please let me know if that might be of interest to you.

Natasha Bayus

Jun 262011

Natasha Bayus from School on Wheels, a non-profit organization that provides volunteer tutoring to homeless children across Southern California has asked me to give a presentation on how to motivate students to their volunteer tutors.

Natasha found me through this blog and really enjoyed the tips I provided on motivating students in my blog and decided to ask for my help.  After looking at the organization and understanding the valuable service that they are providing to students across Southern California, I immediately jumped at the chance to offer my expertise to the excellent tutors who volunteer their time to improve the lives of students.

Since being asked to present I have been hard working to put together a dynamite presentation for the volunteer tutors and will have much more information about increasing motivation in students in the upcoming weeks.  Check back frequently for more information about School on Wheels, increasing motivation and my upcoming presentation.