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Mar 142011

I am amazed that you can spend as much time as you do grading each assignment. Your comments and directions are very constructive and helpful and done in an encouraging way. You provide much more feedback than any of his teachers ever have. Actually, I myself am picking up good pointers from your responses. . .

Your response time is very quick (sometimes I think (my son) wishes you wouldn’t respond so quick so that he gets a longer break). . .

The assignments themselves are excellent: interesting topics leaving plenty of leeway for creativity and selection on the kid’s part. . .

All in all, considering that most tutors get $20 to $30 per hour around here, this is a great deal considering how much time you must put into this.

— Tim O., Michigan

Mar 132011

My favorite assignment was the important person paper because when I was researching some things about Rosa Parks and Martin Luther I feel that I learned more about them and it was interesting. . .

The comments that you sen(t) helped tons! . . . I could tell you read my paper all the way through . . . You told me exactly where I went wrong and how to correct it.

— Brandon, Maryland

Mar 122011

We are very satisfied with the quality of the comments made on the writing assignments. (My son) likes to see his paper returned with your comments embedded, as well as summarized points of what he did well and what needs improvement. . .

My child has gained confidence in his writing, and the service has provided good suggestions for using various strategies when writing that I am confident he will remember as he approaches his writing in the future . . .

The length of the assignments and topic choices were very do-able for my student. . .

(The Tutoring Solution’s) giving (my son) great ideas on how to improve his writing. And I particularly like the way you’re concentrating on a few things at a time. I think that technique enables a person to remember some of the bigger considerations when writing.

— Terri M., Maryland

Jan 112011

“Overall, I was pleased with the service you provided.  I think it was helpful for (my daughter) because she doesn’t know you and so your comments weren’t personal.  I know she followed your advice and made changes to her work so it was better than when she started.

I did recommend (The Tutoring Solution’s Online Creative Essay Writing Program) to her friend’s mother.

Next year will be a challenging one for her, so you will likely hear from us again.”

– Miriam G. (Chicago, Illinois)