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Jul 242012

Jessica has been tutoring Monica’s daughter, Liliana, for some months now.  Jessica has been helping Liliana with math, science, language arts, history, and reading comprehension, among other subjects.

When asked if the tutoring received has helped her daughter, Monica said, “Yes, Liliana’s grades improved dramatically.”

Monica also said that she would refer The Tutoring Solution to others, she said, “(The tutoring Solution is) very helpful to kids and understanding what their needs are.”  She said we are doing “everything” right.

We are happy to hear that Monica and Liliana are pleased with our tutoring services and that they have seen an improvement in Liliana’s grades.  They are both wonderful to work with – we are happy they chose The Tutoring Solution for their tutoring needs.

If your child needs help in improving his or her grades, do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call today.  We can help your child grow into a confident and motivated learner.  We provide tutoring in Southern California in all subjects and grade levels.

Jun 152012

Paige Quijano attends Chino Hills High School and Receives Tutoring from The Tutoring Solution

Paige Quijano was struggling in her United States History AP class this year and needed help.  Paige attends Chino Hills High School in Chino Hills, CA.  We worked with Paige twice a week and helped to bring up her United States History grade and helped to prepare her for the United States History AP exam.

We’d like to thank Paige and her mom Patty for giving us the opportunity to help Paige improve in her United States History AP class.  If you need help with United States History AP or any other Elementary, Jr. High, or High School subject, contact The Tutoring Solution today!

Jun 142012

Connor Winkler from Chino Hills gets his tutoring with The Tutoring Solution

I began tutoring Connor last Summer.  Connor was struggling in 7th Grade Algebra and Reading Comprehension.  His mom was hoping I could help him improve for the upcoming school year.

Connor attends Townsend Junior High School in Chino Hills, CA.  He performed well this school year and is excited now that the summer is finally here.  Connor’s mother, Susan said he has a “better understanding of math” and that we were “on time, friendly, and reasonably priced.”

Thank you Susan & Connor Winkler for choosing The Tutoring Solution . . . We look forward to resuming your tutoring when the new school year begins.