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May 172015

The Eleanor Roosevelt High School Senior Awards Night was on Thursday, May 14, 2015.  We were honored to be able to present our Eleanor Roosevelt High School Share Your Passion Scholarship to three impressive young students.  This year’s Eleanor Roosevelt Scholarship Winners were Martha Rosario, Kyaw Kyaw Aung, and Eui Kyung (Pearl) Rhee.

We were delighted when we received a lot of wonderful entries this year from many inspiring young students. We originally had the intention of selecting one winner; however, after reading all the entries, we knew we had to select our three winners

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 4.45.19 PMMartha Rosario wrote an inspired essay about her desire to improve the environment and make the world a better place for us all. She wrote about how she used to disregard her surroundings and the pollution and litter that surrounded her. However, once she put things in focus and realized that the Earth was her habitat and a place that should be cared for and respected, that’s when she started to see things through a whole new perspective. While she acknowledges that there is not a lot of money to be made with her chosen career; she feels that the satisfaction of knowing she is doing good, will make up for that lower pay.Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 5.15.27 PM

Kyaw Kyaw Aung wrote about his admiration for his dad and his desire to become an engineer like his father. He originally did not fully understand his father’s need to try to fix everything; he felt it was foolish when he could easily call a professional and have them finish the work a lot more quickly. However, he writes about how his impression of his father changed one day when he was able to see what a beneficial asset it could be to know how to fix all kinds of things. He soon began to understand his father’s intrinsic desire to take things into his own hands and figure out how they work.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 4.58.27 PMEui Kyung (Pearl) Rhee wrote about her aspiration to play the flute and create beautiful music for others to enjoy, as well as to become a flute teacher, and/or a music therapist. She took us through the journey of her flute playing. Her passion for the flute was apparent right from the start; she talked about how she spent many hours in her bathroom practicing the flute so as to not disturb the neighbors. Eventually, when she joined the praise team at her church and began playing for individuals with special needs. Initially, she turned a blind eye to them and did not really acknowledge them; however, one day, she decided to pay attention to the audience she was playing for and that is when she saw how much joy her music brought them.

We want to give a huge thank you to these three wonderful and impressive young students, along with the rest of the scholarship participants; they inspire us to continue to devote our time and energy to working to help the youth in our community. We are sure that nothing but wonderful things await these young adults.

Aside from thanking the scholarship participants, we also would like to thank Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Pamela Snow (the Scholarship and Senior Awards Night Coordinator), and Jenna Gutman (School Counselor).  We have nothing but great things to say about them. They dedicate their lives to helping the students in their school succeed and attain all of their goals. Overall, we really appreciate the students, teachers, counselors, and parents at Eleanor Roosevelt High School and we look forward to working with all of you for many years to come.

We provide one-on-one tutoring for students all over Southern California.  We have tutors that specialize in various different subjects.  We provide tutoring in Eastvale, Corona, Chino Hills, Chino, Ontario, Norco, Mira Loma, Diamond Bar, Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma, Riverside, San Bernardino, Beaumont, Lake Forest, Ladera Ranch, Whittier, Pasadena, Pomona, Upland, Claremont, Monrovia, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, the Inland Valley, the Inland Empire, and the Chino Valley.

May 172015
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Scholarship Winner:

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Scholarship Winner:

“Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!” These sounds were constantly recurring. The perpetual hammering stimulated my ears, and the only time it was quiet was when my father finished his project. An engineer himself, he was an independent man who took everything in his now hands. My father painted the house with originality; almost every equipment we owned, from chairs to the air-conditioners, were custom-designed and made from scratch. It was difficult for me as a kid to comprehend these laborious actions. One day, my father finished another strenuous project and I asked him a simple question, “Why didn’t you just call a mechanic to fix the car’s engine?” “Because why rely on someone else when you can do it yourself?” he answered. I did not understand what this meant. I did not care that I did not understand because I was annoyed and agitated by the continuous hammering and the distance between us. I kept this frustration towards my father to myself which haunted me all the time. One road trip, however, bent my vision.

The car tire popped out of nowhere. It was already dark. I tried calling authorities for help, but we were too far from the city. It would be morning by the time assistance arrived. My face clouded from disappointment but my father stepped out of the car. All I could do in this darkness was watch. What interrupted the silence was a strangely familiar sound. “Thwack! Thwack!” I looked out the window and saw my father working, eye-level with the tire. A nut between the tire and the alloy broke while he was working. My father soaked a part of shirt with oil and attempted to remove the tire. It took him several tries, and finally it came off.

I was stunned. What he did was incredible, but how could he see light in this crisis? In that instant, my father made me realize why he chose to dedicate his sweat to fixing and inventing. It was because this ability can help people.

I aspire to be an engineer because I have seen the healing effects of engineering. For we are in a time of rapid social and technological changes, the need of engineers to think and capture creativity in engineering when developing solutions to open-ended, real-world problems is now greater than ever before. I seek to question, explore, discover, refine, and invent to repair problematic, yet attention deficit areas of technology. My childhood ephiphanies and respect for creativity in resolutions have developed into a moving passion today. As an engineer, I can work on projects that benefit people and our environment, such as developing efficient transportation systems, opting for new sources of energy, alleviating the world’s hunger, and increasing the living standards of countries. I aim to use my knowledge and ability to begin my own project in the field of engineering.

May 172015
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

There is a background story that must be known in order to see the passion I have acquired. My flute -the hallmark of my talents a as musician- was named Miracle, for she survived an atrocious accident: getting run over by my mom’s Toyota. however, that is not the only reason. Although one should aim to be humble, I can testify to the astounding gift of music I have acquired through countless days of practice and the benevolence of musical insight. Whereas some are quick to dismiss the flute as merely an instrument, just another tool to create sound, I perceive this piece of silver as a vessel to express my emotions in the most quintessential manner -a miracle.

Even with the congestion of economic troubles, it was my mother who emotionally and financially supported me and my trusty companion. Though very grateful, I could not bear the anticipation set for me to be successful; sadly, this became manifested in what is conventionally called stage fright. My first flute competition conjured emotions of the same ilk: anxiety, fear, and stress. My mother, being the lovely lady she is, bid me love and smile with a whisper louder than a cannon’s shot, “Sing!” I never entered a stage without letting my mother’s voice ring internally to comfort me with her eternal arms. With newfound confidence, I entered to see a panel of prominent judges. The next moment I remember afterwards is the walk to our car. I left the competition with no awards or acknowledgement.

Tasting frustration, I used this time yearning to heighten myself with elongated hours of practice. I could not relinquish my dreams of becoming a virtuoso- not yet. Due to complaints form neighbors in our apartment complex, I practiced in the bathroom situated at the furthest edge of our home. Unashamed, I was willing to practice anywhere, whether it be in the closet or the garage. What benevolence it was to even dream of playing an instrument and creating music with an enthralling story in itself! To this day, the bathroom is a place in which I am most attached and indebted to. This was where I chronicled my diary of learning, musically and personally, as I shed my dispirited heart to make room for growth and healing. In fact, this unorthodox practice room was  blessing in disguise as the particular acoustics that a tiled room created enabled me to hear every nuance in my sound quality with an increasingly refined ear. Having strengthened my technical weakness and having put together my own personal interpretation of music, I performed int he proceeding competition with more maturity and clarity than I had ever had before. As the crowning reward of art, all my previous competition failures, hours of practice in the cramped quarters of my bathroom, and consciousness of my family’s relentless love all accumulated to help me produce the finest performance defined by me. Gratefully enough, I was given an opportunity to give back what I was blessed with.

Every Sunday at church, I accompany the praise team with my flute in a service called the Love Ministry: a specialized institution particularly for the mentally challenged. In all honesty, I was initially guilty of both sentiments myself, wondering whether the songs and sermons could even be understood by these types of people who showed various signs of developmental delay. I assembled my flute, played mechanically, and left thoughtlessly each week. One day, I realized that I did not have the slightest idea of what the members of the ministry even looked like. Disturbed by this, I decided to pay attention to those for whom I was playing for. Every face displayed pure and unadulterated happiness. Not a hint of worry or regret marred their very apparent joy, I was humbled and ashamed of my prior obliviousness. All I could do was to make amends to say thank you, forgive me, and I love you. Thank you for epitomizing selflessness with your undemanding natures; forgive me for being unable to help in a greater way; and I love you for being such exemplars of innocence and grace. Graciously, these people have shown me just how unjustified and ignorant both positions are. They have made me ponder who really the minister was, as more was realized and learned through these precious people than any words or songs. Through their collective acts, my previously pretentious self has become increasingly understanding and modest- forever changed for the better.

I was not immune to the call for action stirringly expressed by Robert F. Kennedy’s “A Ripple of Hope” speech: “Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and int he total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.” My previous experiences have molded my dream. I was taught that a musician’s goal is to change the emotional state of their audience. Using the financial aid and education, I foster the hope that Miracle and I will work together to bring forth miracles of our own. As a professional performer, I want to urge people to feel raw joy or sadness through music and reflect within themselves or forget about life for a moment. As a flute teacher, I want to discipline future young adults to see the power of music and aid the world in their ways through music. As a music therapist, I would like to prescribe music, not medicine to the mentally challenged friends.

Unfortunately, I must admit that my financial position is very weak as of today. With humbled gratitude, I plan to use the scholarship rewards as assistance to completing my educational plans. I am happily imagining a portable laptop I can use away from home, or new books that will teach me in lieu of a professor who will be busy at all times. The materials are important of course, but my dreams that I walked through in this writing would have become bubbles if I did not have the financial ability to, essentially, receive professional education in college. Dear staff and representatives of this scholarship, no words will suffice to express my gratitude for your time and consideration. Although the only thing I can do now is to receive, I promise to myself and you that I truly wish to give back in the future what I have received today. i was taught that a musician’s goal is to change the emotional state of their audience. Using the financial aid and education, I engender the hope that Miracle and I will heal those who are hurt.

May 172015
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

I formed my strong environmental standpoint through my willingness to be educated and through the world I have seen. Even when my family had to travel across the seas, from the Philippines to America, they managed to provide me with the opportunity to go to school and give me educational advice. With these resources, I found myself passionate for the environment.

As a kid, I disregarded the things I saw daily in the streets of Manila, Philippines. Whenever my parents drove somewhere, looking outside I saw countless amounts of trash dormant in gutters, trees, and highways. I saw puffs of black smoke coming out of the tail of all vehicles. There were billboards scattered around the city, advertising phone companies or brands of milk. Those didn’t seem to matter when I was a kid, but with the education I have now do I realize that these everyday-things were contributing to the degradation of the Earth’s environment. Because it always was never “their litter,” litter is dropped in places and clumps up, mistaken for food by animals. Because a “little” smoke never hurt anyone, engines are left turned on, making it more difficult to breathe. Because money is “never” a bad thing, billboards are displayed for profitable outcomes, which distract people from the real problem: lacking awareness of self-created problems. These problems have prompted me to spark change upon the way that surroundings are left uncared for because they have no physical voice to defend themselves. These problems that existed when I was a kid, still exists today as we continue to be distracted from environmental issues that will affect is in the future.

Through extensive thinking of how these problems started, I am motivated to question why people have the “what’s in it for me?” mentality. From the community in the Philippines to the community in America I live in today, I still see people carry a selfish mentality towards little or big environmental concerns. It is scarce to see anyone do something as simple as discarding school lunches in trash cans, picking up scraps of paper in classrooms, or being compassionate towards school custodians by cleaning after a mess created. People’s lack of actions to contribute towards the well-being of their surroundings, has stimulated me to pursue a college education in environmental science and social ecology. I want to dissect the origin of why people lack the initiative to nurture their surroundings and educate myself of what can be done to improve it through influencing others to see that this planet is worth saving.

I see this world as my home and its inhabitants as people I live with. It is deeply rooted in my conscience to always feel the gumption to do something for this home of mine, despite the tendency for people to neglect their surroundings. Even if the salary of a green career is not as plentiful and rewarding as another, it would not discourage me to pursue a path that values money over the well-being of Earth. It is engrained in my lifestyle to live sustainably by reducing waste and using better alternatives to relieve some of Earth’s exhaustion from degradation. By immersing myself in an education, I am a step closer to becoming a part of the solution: to inform others of the problems that exist, to garner a group of individuals who stand on the same perspective as I do, and to build foundations of sustainability that we all can thrive on. My passion to improve the environment’s health would not only benefit itself, but every person as well. By contributing efforts to preserve Earth’s natural systems, people are able to take advantage of a safer and purer world that won’t have to endure seeing the mass extinction of trees, animals, water, and most importantly, control. By preserving our resources now, we will not have to lose control or engage in wars over it later, when it’s too late.

Some have laughed at me, discouraged me, and even sympathized me for my vision that they think will never come to pass. Their doubts and opposition only empower me to keep moving towards my goal. As long as I remember the world I have seen and continue to live in this world of environmental corruptness, I will always dream to reform the way people think and treat their environment.

Jul 222014

Once again we were fortunate to be able to offer scholarships to students in our community. We love this time of year, because we get to read some very inspirational essays that remind us why we devote so much time to working with students. This year we awarded 8 scholarships; 2 main scholarships and 4 mini scholarships went to students from Eleanor Roosevelt High School, 1 scholarship went to a student from Norco College as part of our Facebook Scholarship Contest, and a mini Facebook Scholarship went to another student who also attends Eleanor Roosevelt High School.

Eleanor Roosevelt Main Scholarship Winners

Our initial intention was to award one main scholarship to a student from Eleanor Roosevelt High School; however, after reading all the amazing entries, we decided to award 2 main scholarships and 4 mini scholarships. We had the opportunity to present the 2 main scholarships at the Eleanor Roosevelt Senior Awards Ceremony on May 15, 2014. The 2 main scholarships went to Lucia Sanchez,who aspires to be a forensic pathologist in order to bring peace to families, and Morgan Craig, who aspires to be a psychologist with an emphasis in gerontology in order to help the elderly find peace during their last years of life.

Eleanor Roosevelt Mini Scholarship Winners

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 3.27.09 PM

The mini scholarships went to Andrea Calderon, Maria Bello Carrillo, Ching Li, and Asia Nguyen – these four young ladies also wrote very inspiring essays about their passion in life and how they will be giving back to their community. Andrea Calderon wrote about her passion for dance and her desire to become a dance teacher. Maria Bello Carrillo wrote about her desire to pursue a career in medicine and help children from underdeveloped countries. Ching Li expressed her desire to become a nurse and to help people who are in need of medical attention. Lastly, Asia Nguyen wrote about her goal to become a biomedical engineer and to make medical machines better and more accessible to everyone.


Facebook Contest Scholarship Winners

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 3.52.43 PMThis year we decided to have our Facebook Scholarship Contest again. We were thrilled with all the wonderful entries. We were happy that our Facebook friends were there to help us pick a winner, because all the essays had the potential to be winners. Keely Schemmer was voted the winner. Keely wrote a terrific essay about how she is working towards becoming a middle school music teacher. We also decided to select a second participant to receive a Facebook Mini Scholarship. We selected Mena Mekhaeel, who also wrote about his passion for music and how he aspires to pass on his love of music to others.

Thank you again to all of you who participated. We loved reading all of your essays and we are sure that each one of you will have a very successful future in whatever field you choose to follow as long as you are passionate about what you choose to do.

For the 2014/2015 school year, we plan on adding more schools to our scholarship list. We will have more information on next year’s scholarships in the coming months.
Jul 022014
Mena Mekhaeel - Winner of the Mini Share Your Passion Facebook Scholarship Contest

Mena Mekhaeel – Winner of the Mini Share Your Passion Facebook Scholarship Contest

Passion— a strong and barely controllable emotion towards someone or something. Each individual has his or her unique and captivating passion. People’s passions could be viewed as illogical or irrational by other people because it differs from their opinion or goes against social-cultural norms. That is why having a deep and affectionate zealous devotion towards someone or something is individualistic and varies from person to person. My passion is art.

Similarly to how everyone has a different passion, the idea and concept of what is considered to be art is perceived by individuals adversely. Generally, art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. However, art to me is abundant and almost anything I consider a work of art; but more specifically and significantly above all is the art of music. Music is vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Music has the ability to alter someone’s mood in an instant, as much as a chord or a riff or a series of arpeggios can either lift an individual’s spirit and vitality, or alter their frame of mind to gather deep sentimental thoughts of self and well-being. Famous masters of music such as Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky were able to sway the beliefs and even the lives of people who took part in the privilege to auscultate in their harmonious and wondrous symphonies and concertos. This is but only one of the many reasons why music is my unshakable passion.

No other form of art can have such an impact on an individual’s personality, mood, state of being, or even life. Music is the universal language of all humans and even some animals such as birds and dolphins. These are just some of the reasons why music is my devoted passion. If one were to gather a 100 different people of diverse culture, ethnicity, and religion; and was to play for them a piece of music such as Beethoven’s “Für Elise” , they would all react to it the same way and answer relatively similar responses if asked the question “What is this piece of music about? What is the overseeing tone?”, that it is an emotional and heartfelt piece of music that shows love and/or sadness and occasional joy. Music, no matter what genre, age, artist, or band, always has a message throughout it. Any song old or young carries an emotional or logical substance and significance. Another reason why music is my passion is because one person can create a work of musical art, and a group of people that come together can also make a musical masterpiece. Music, unlike many other forms of art, can actively bring people together instead of driving them apart. With that being said, there are many ways music can help people in need from all walks of life.

Music is not limited to pianos and guitars, almost anything could be made a fully functioning instrument. This is another beauty of music, that anyone could make music, with even their voices and body parts. The South African tribes are a prime example of this. Music has helped them bond and grow closer together than driving them apart into secludedness from one another and hostile as they once were. If given the right ear so to say, one can compose himself or herself a piece of music, a work of art, significant to themselves or to others. I plan on using my passion to aid others in various ways. I write and compose my own music regularly; mostly a mix between classical and jazz types. From my own experience, a song written specifically for someone during a time of anguish or heartache has proven to be invaluable and emotionally uplifting. I want to compose music that people will enjoy and listen to. Music that will inspire people to do what they have always wanted to accomplish; music that will lift a person from tears of sadness to smiles of confidence. Music is my passion, and I shall help those in need with my music, friend, acquaintance, or stranger regardless.

Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion towards someone or something. Music is vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Music is my passion. It has shaped me into who I am and led me to develop numerous friendships and inseparable bonds with dear friends. It has formed significant relationships between people of all ages, groups of status, and nations of all differences. I will spread my love for music throughout everyone, help them with beautiful sequences of harmonics, grace notes, and arpeggios strung together to form novel and beauteous works of art. That is my true passion.

Jun 242014

Meet our 2014 Facebook Scholarship Contest Winner – Keely Schemmer.

Keely wrote a very impressive essay about her passion for music and how she is currently working towards becoming a middle school music teacher and inspiring all of her students to love music as much as she does. She really is an impressive young lady. To learn more about her, read her essay below.

Congratulations Keely!

Keely Schemmer: Winner of the $250 Facebook Scholarship Contest

Keely Schemmer: Winner of the $250 Facebook Scholarship Contest

From childhood to adolescence, I never really had many friends. Instead, I had music. Through the joys and the trials, music was always there for me. My journey with music started long before I could ever pick up an instrument or read a single note.

I am passionate about music because of its roots in who I am today. I was introduced to music when I was an infant. As I’d wander, more like waddle, into my dad’s office, I would become introduced to classic bands such as Queen, REO Speedwagon, and Billy Joel. Along with that, my dad would play piano for me and my siblings. Songs would come alive as my dad would “tickle the ivories” for us, performances that left a mark on my heart. This opened a gateway for me, as I started to gain an interest in music.

Moving along through my childhood, my older siblings played instruments in band at their schools. As they would practice, I wasn’t particularly bothered by the sounds of premature musicianship. Instead, it reignited in me a love for music. As I finally became of age to join the band at my elementary school, I signed up and was ready to begin learning how to play instruments and read music. This further set me up to be where I am today with music, inspired to be an inspiration to others through music.

Today, I have learned how to play trumpet, euphonium, trombone, tuba, guitar, bass, and piano. Through hard work and dedication, I have been able to learn these instruments, as well as music theory to explain what I am doing as I am playing them. I am currently a Worship Apprentice at Crossroads Christian Church and am working toward earning my degree in music as well as my teaching credential to share my passion with others.

On a local level, I plan on using my passion for music to give hope to middle school students. Right now, I am studying music at Norco College with the end goal of getting my AA and certificate in Music, in which I plan on transferring to Cal State Fullerton to continue my education and get my teaching credentials. What music has done for me, given me a creative outlet and an irreplaceable friend, I hope to give to others. On a broader level, I plan on using my passion for music and bringing my knowledge of music to others around the world. I believe that music ignites a deep connection to our true selves, as long as a deep connection to others as we share it with them. I am excited to be a part of the adventure that music will take me on, to the places I will embark and the to the people I will encounter there.

Jun 222014
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

All throughout my academic career, I have found my classes to be easy with the exception of two subjects: math and science. It was not that they were difficult, but rather that they were more so than perhaps English or history; they were a challenge. Once I found the trick to doing a certain equation or memorizing a fundamental idea, they became my points of interest, my passion. The challenge was enticing.

Until the spring of my junior year, I was unsure of what major I should pursue in college despite how I had the grades to go to almost any college I wanted. Upon that spring, an assignment in my online health class was to take a personality test that determined what career or major I would be suited to. The one that caught my eye and has become my goal was Biomedical Engineering. While being a career in the pursuit of helping society through technology in medical field, it also is a career concerning biology and physics, physics being an application of calculus, making it a career composing of my two passions in one.

A Biomedical Engineer can pursue to improve many things. Perhaps they can decide to improve the use of an MRI machine or that of ultrasound technology, therefore improving the accessibility and functionality of these, which would aid medics in caring for their patients. A degree in Biomedical Engineering also allows for the creation of prosthetics, which benefit those with missing limbs. They can fix machines as well as create them. In creating them, they can increase the accessibility of machines through numbers. As a Biomedical Engineer, I would seek to increase the functionality of the machines medical experts use, as well as increase the numbers through the efficiency of new machines. If enough people, not necessary everyone, worked on doing such, then that would increase the availability of health care, which is something I believe should be a necessity, not a privilege. As a Biomedical Engineer, I would use this passion of mine to help others by creating and improving the machines that are needed in the process of health care in order to increase the availability of and accessibility of health care.

Jun 222014
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Life is about making the most out of the opportunities you are granted and I intend to use every opportunity to pursue my dream of helping children in third world countries so that health issues will not be another obstacle they have to encounter. When I help them overcome that brick wall, it will be one less thing they will have to worry about and they can have the opportunity to be successful in life. I want to be a pediatrician because the medical world interest me. There can be endless possibilities in finding cures, a cure that may save one life at a time. I am a person who will endlessly strive to help humanity and I will not leave this earth without making a positive impact.

My passion to help humanity has driven me to prepare myself in the medical field and travel to third world countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, where medical care may be lacking. My life will be dedicated to diagnosing any diseases, providing information on how to prevent diseases and keeping children nourished and healthy. To me, a healthy child is equivalent to my entire happiness. I grew up in a community where children had access to medical aid, nutritional information, and a general well-being. I believe that every child should be allowed those same opportunities. Naturally I am aware that the broad scope of the field offers constant intellectual stimulation and challenge and therefore will require extensive studying and practice. However, my passion will drive me to succeed as I know the outcome will be healthy children. Pediatrics is the road I want to take because I will not only help our world become a better place but it will also be a single fulfilling career and an enriching experience.

Honestly I can feel the enthusiasm building up inside of me, and i know that I am capable of challenging myself in order to realize my dream. I have an open and inquiring mind that will allow me to succeed in such a rewarding vocation. I know that, in order to achieve my goals, I must push myself to further my education and overcome any obstacles I may face. I am thirsty for knowledge and the more education and experiences I am exposed to, the more opportunities I will be able to create for children, have greater control of my circumstances, and be a stronger and an effective proponent for my patients. I will vigorously pursue my aspirations to make my God proud, my family proud, and to make a positive impact on humanity. Observing how communities in third wold countries have limited access to healthcare services, but significant healthcare needs has inspired me to pursue a career in which will help diminish the problem one step at a time. In addition to my desire of assisting children, my inquisitiveness has emboldened me to excel and motivated me to explore all the viable options in the medical field. Today it is a dream, but tomorrow, that dream will be my reality.

Jun 212014
Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Eleanor Roosevelt High School Student Wins Tutoring Scholarship

Growth in the human life is known to be something no one can stop, yet everyone can alter, if chose upon. It is set up in a perspective of physical and mental evolution and it usually comes natural to each person without the individual taking notice. Everyone has that one person in their life, that moment in their life, or even that passion that causes them to flourish as a person, find themselves, and find the ability to grow. For me, it happened to be dance. The art of dance not only served as a personal growth factor and contribution, it also helped realize what my passions were and motivated me towards building the future that I ultimately want.

When I sit and think of the person I was in seventh, eight, and even ninth grade, I cannot help but feel proud of the person I have broken out of. Looking back, I would have never participated in the dance class that served as the ultimate guideline to figuring out my passion. I would have never auditioned for a dance studio team, and I would have never been part of a high school performance in which the whole student boy would lay eyes on. But I did. I decided to break out of my shell and do what I like doing. I admire the person I have evolved to become because I fought for her. I fought against fast paced heartbeats, sweaty hands, and trembling feet. I fought against my comfort zone and decided to no longer hold back on experimenting life and trying new things.

It is thrilling to think that I am perfectly comfortable with performing in front of an audience and that I take pleasure in transmitting the excitement of a beat and rhythm to a public. I have grown and evolved out of a stage of introversion and have found myself. This art was also a big building block in towering my confidence. It not only set up my pleasure of performing, it also eliminated significant fears I had, like public speaking. It also lead to my ability to lead in important clubs in my school, and it all comes back to the confidence dance helped cultivate in me.

I did not have a set passion before dance came in my life. Of course, I had tried a diverse range of extracurricular activities before from basketball, soccer, Jiu Jitsu, to karate, and the list goes on. But none of them filled me like dance has. It motivated and opened my horizons to keep pursuing my education after high school. It encouraged to overcome and become a better person each day. It has made me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to. Dance has been an experience that I am mostly proud of pursuing and I am excited to continue to add on things that make me proud and continue to say that I have grown as an individual in a positive way each day.

The passion and love for dance I have has developed so much that it has reached a level of ideas about spreading this passion. I have given serious thought on even pursuing a career out of the art of teaching dance, and even if I do not end up making a career out of this passion, I still have an option to teach others with the experience I have gained so far. The art of dance has given me infinite number of benefits, options, and ideas that ultimately lead to me helping others as well as me benefitting from my talents.