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Apr 152015
The Tutoring Solution’s March 2015 Student of the Month – Kylie Parrini

The Tutoring Solution’s March 2015 Student of the Month – Kylie Parrini

For the month of March 2015, we selected Kylie Parrini as our Student of the Month. Kylie receives her tutoring in Chino. She is an 11th grade student at Ayala High School. She has been with us since October 2014; she has been working with our tutor Yessenia to help her improve her understanding of Honors Algebra II. Kylie has seen great progress while working with Yessenia, which makes our job extremely rewarding.

When we were first approached by Kylie’s parents, they informed us that they wanted us to find a tutor for Kylie that could help her improve her understanding of Honors Algebra II. Like many other students, Kylie was struggling with her math class and receiving a low grade due to her lack of understanding. Kylie’s dad, Jim Parrini, said, “When (Kylie’s) tutoring first started she was barely passing with a C-.” Luckily, we found a tutor whose teaching style worked out great with Kylie’s learning style – they both seemed to hit it off right from the start.

Kylie’s tutor, Yessenia, credits Kylie’s improvement to her strong work ethic, she said, “Every time we meet, she is always ready to learn and answer her points of confusion, whether it’s from math problems from her homework or her class notes.” Kylie clearly did not lack in motivation; she simply needed a bit of guidance and to learn the necessary tools to better understand her math class. With a bit of time and patience, Kylie soon began to see the fruits of her labor. Yessenia says that Kylie has improved so much that she is now able to catch her own mistakes and correct them before Yessenia even has the time to point them out.

Yessenia has really enjoyed her time with Kylie. Not only is she proud of the academic goals Kylie has accomplished while working with Yessenia, she also values the bond, as tutor and tutee, that they have developed. Yessenia revealed that they have so much fun while learning that there are even times when they forget that the hour is up. Clearly they have found a perfect balance between learning and fun and the results (i.e. Kylie’s grades) clearly demonstrate that.

When asked about their experience with our tutoring company, Jim said, “The Tutoring Solution worked with us to find the best fit for Kylie’s learning style and the improvements have been extraordinary.” We are so grateful to be able to work with such a wonderful couple like Ruth and Jim who have worked with us every step of the way to make sure Kylie continues to succeed. Their support for their daughter has contributed vastly to her academic growth. Part of the recognition, when we nominate students of the month, is also for the parents of those students.

We are proud to announce that Kylie now has a high B in her Honors Algebra II class. Additionally, in her two most recent math tests she earned an 89% and a 92%. Although fantastic, Kylie and Yessenia are not settling for a B, they are now working towards making sure Kylie earns a B+ or an A- by the end of the school year. We are sure that is completely feasible if they continue working as they have. Congratulations Kylie! We are very proud to call you our March 2015 Student of the Month. Keep up the great work!



If you feel that your child has improved in school, due to the tutoring they have received from us, and you would like them to be featured as our Student of the Month, please send us an email letting us know how your child has improved.  We hope you can help us show how proud we are of each one of our students.

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