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Feb 062016
The Tutoring Solutions January Student of the Month - Sabrina de Leon

The Tutoring Solution’s January Student of the Month – Sabrina de Leon

For the month of January 2016, we selected Sabrina de Leon as our Student of the Month. Sabrina receives her tutoring in Chino Hills. Sabrina is in the 10th grade and she attends Chino Hills High School. We have been working with Sabrina since October 2015. She has been working with our tutor, Jules, to help improve her understanding of Algebra II. Sabrina has improved greatly, she has received higher marks in the recent quizzes and tests she has taken recently. We selected Sabrina as our January Student of the Month because she deserves to be recognized for all the hard work she has been putting in these last few months and because she should know just how bright she is.

We started working with Sabrina in mid October of 2015. Her mother, Sheila, sought our help because Sabrina was not performing as well as she could in her Algebra II class. Sheila hoped that with the guidance of one of our tutors, Sabrina would gain a better understanding of the course material; and that is exactly what happened. We assigned Jules to work with Sabrina, because we knew Jules was great at Algebra II and because we thought Jules’ personality and teaching style was perfect for Sabrina; and we were right. Sheila said, “I remember when they (Jules and Sabrina) first met, my daughter said right away, “I like Jules, she’s nice.” Since then, they’ve gotten along.”

When they first started working together, Jules noted that Sabrina lacked confidence in her own abilities. She said, “Sabrina is a student that doesn’t realize how bright she is. When she is in the classroom environment, she feels like the information passes her too quickly for her to grasp it. But the moment she sits with someone in a one-on-one situation, she picks up every single mathematical concept thrown at her.” With a little bit of guidance, Sabrina soon began to believe in herself and to see that she is capable of a lot more than she had previously thought.

Thanks to the hard work they have put in and Sabrina’s enthusiasm to learn, Sabrina has seen improvements in her grades. Sheila said, “Since my daughter Sabrina started tutoring with The Tutoring Solution, her grades have improved in Algebra. I would like to thank Jules who’s done a good job of tutoring Sabrina.” Her tutor, Jules, added, “Not only does she understand mathematical concepts once they are introduced to her in a new way, but she gains a solid understanding of the concepts that she is able to transfer to more difficult examples.” She went on to say, “She has been happy with each test grade since we’ve been working together, and she just informed me that she received a B on her recent midterm. She told me that, unlike some of the other students, she felt that she was prepared because we went over the material well.”

Sabrina has been a true pleasure to work with and has made the each tutoring session very memorable. When asked what she enjoyed the most about working with Sabrina, Jules said, “I enjoy how quickly she picks up mathematical concepts. My favorite moments with students are when they have “lightbulb” moments. Sabrina has those moments with every session, and it is the best thing that a teacher could ask for in a student.” We look forward to continuing to work with Sabrina and Sheila and we know that Jules looks forward to sharing those “lightbulb” moments with Sabrina.

We are happy to hear that Sheila and Sabrina have been happy with the services they have received with our company. Sheila wrote, “So far, my daughter and I are very satisfied with the service that The Tutoring Solution and Jules both have provided. I love the special discounts for birthdays and student of the Student of the Month nomination.”

Congratulations Sabrina! We are very pleased to call you our January 2016 Student of the Month. We look forward to future “lightbulb” moments.

If you feel that your child has improved in school, due to the tutoring they have received from us, and you would like them to be featured as our Student of the Month, please send us an email letting us know how your child has improved.  We hope you can help us show how proud we are of each one of our students.

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