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Feb 282013
The Tutoring Solution’s February 2013 Student of the Month – Brianna Viles

The Tutoring Solution’s February 2013 Student of the Month – Brianna Viles

I have been working with Brianna Viles for about 6 months now, and during that time, I have become immensely impressed by what an intelligent, motivated, respectful, and kind young lady she has proven to be. Brianna is a Sophomore at Chino Hills High School, who receives tutoring to improve her Spanish skills.

Brianna has turned out to be one of my all time favorite students to work with, because of how attentive and eager she is to learn.  There is nothing educators love more than to work with students that value education and that genuinely wish to learn – Brianna perfectly exemplifies this type of student.  Every day that I show up to tutor her, in spite of the long day at school she’s had and her strenuous softball practice, she always greets me with a smile and an attitude that shows she is eager and ready to learn.

Throughout the months I’ve worked with her, I have seen her understanding of Spanish grow little by little, in great part to her desire to learn and improve her understanding of the language.

Because of these reasons, and many more, I nominated and selected Brianna as the Student of the Month for February 2013.  I know she is destined to have a very bright future.


If you feel that your child has improved in school, due to the tutoring they have received from us, and you would like them to be featured as our student of the month, please send us an email letting us know how your child has improved.  We hope you can help us how show proud we are of each one of our students.

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