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Dec 312011

2011 has come to an end and what an exciting year it was for The Tutoring Solution.  We feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to help so many young students improve their academic abilities.  To end the year we’d like to have you vote on our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011.   The following blog series are in no particular order.

  1. Get to Know Us – Many of our customers chose to work with us because the passion we have for education.  These articles were written to share some insight into our lives and why we have decided to become tutors.
  2. Innovative Educators – Numerous educators have shared their expertise on The Tutoring Solution blog over the past year.  We have labeled them innovative educators because they work hard to educate and inspire those whom they come into contact with.
  3. Passionate Tutors – We encourage our tutors to take part in the discussion on education by contributing information on the subject of education.
  4. Community Outreach – This year we were asked to give presentations at the Chino Valley GATE Together and for School on Wheels.  At the GATE Together, we taught Elementary and Junior High School students about blogging and how they could develop their own blog.  For School on Wheels we provided tips on how to motivate students who appeared to be unmotivated to volunteer tutors who work with homeless students.
  5. Students of the Month – We had a variety of students who excelled over the year.  Here are some of our favorite students of the month in 2011.
  6. Videos – Our videos may not have the best production quality, but I always get a kick out of watching these videos . . . and some of them have some great information as well.
  7. #Edchat – Educators from all across the world are using Twitter to improve their craft.  These articles have been in response to some of the #Edchat topics that have come up over the past year.
  8. Monthly Newsletter – One thing people associated with The Tutoring Solution comment on the most is our newsletters.  Here are our monthly email newsletters for 2011.
  9. Top Blog Posts of the Month – These are our top 9 blog posts for each month in 2011.
  10. Tutoring Recommendations – We have been recommended by numerous parents, students, teachers, counselors, family and friends.  Read some of those recommendations here.

With every new years comes new opportunities.  New Year’s Resolutions are a great way to get you to think about changing your life and the lives of people you care about in a positive direction.  Lets make 2012 the year we promote and encourage education and growth.

Sep 112011

The Tutoring Solution’s student, Racheal Richardson was featured in an article in the Pasadena Sun this past weekend.

Racheal had 7 kills and did a “real good job” for the Bulldogs according to her coach, Shari Iwatani.

We are so proud of Racheal’s improvement in the classroom, but love to hear about and share in the success of our students.  Thank you Monique (Racheal’s Mom) for sharing this story with us.

If you would like to read more about Racheal and her successes on the volleyball court this past weekend, click on the following link.


Racheal Richardson from Pasadena High School in Pasadena

May 272011

I woke up yesterday to a text message, “Sorry to wake you, but this is good news. Racheal got a “C” on her Geometry packet and is very happy!  Yea!  First “C” of the YEAR!!!”

Throughout my time as the owner of The Tutoring Solution, I have received many similar text messages from happy parents.  I asked Racheal if she was interested in becoming this month’s Student of the Month and she agreed.

Racheal is an exceptional athlete.  As a sophomore, she is on the varsity basketball, volleyball and track teams at Pasadena High School.  She decided to get tutoring help because she was struggling understanding the concepts in her Geometry class.

Racheal's Improving in Math

Since receiving tutoring from The Tutoring Solution, Racheal says she has “started turning in her work and getting more confident.”

“I feel like (The Tutoring Solution) is really helping me and I’m doing much better in math and school.  I enjoy tutoring with (The Tutoring Solution),” Racheal says.

We are happy that Racheal has received her best grade ever for her math class and are confident that with more tutoring her performance in school will improve dramatically.  Racheal has become more confident in school and math and is looking forward to her junior year.

Mar 152011

We began tutoring Jonathan Recinos in the middle of February.  He was struggling in his Geometry class, especially on his tests and needed some help.  Eddy Arbouet, a tutor with The Tutoring Solution began working with Jonathan to improve his test scores.  Jonathan was receiving lower than 70 %’s on his tests.  Eddy has worked hard to improve Jonathan’s abilities in Geometry and on his last two tests, Jonathan has received 100 %’s. 

Student of the Month - Jonathan Recinos

Due to his hard work and effort, Jonathan Recinos has been made our Student of the Month for the month of February.  We take pride in our student’s who go above and beyond our tutoring sessions to excel in the classroom.  According to Jonathan’s mother, Patty, Jonathan had failed Geometry and all last year he worked to improve his grade by doing extra credit and staying after school, but nothing seemed to help.  Patty says that Jonathan learned more in the first two hours of tutoring with Eddy than he had in his Geometry class for the entire year. 

We love to share success stories, like Jonathan’s.  Through his hard work and diligence and the efforts of Eddy, Jonathan has improved immensely.  Eddy and The Tutoring Solution are extremely proud of Jonathan and know that he will continue to work hard to improve.  Congratulations Jonathan Recinos for being named The Tutoring Solution’s Student of the Month.

Feb 032011

I started tutoring Nick Cianflocco (from Norco High School) in February of 2010.  His improvement has been immense and I wanted to congratulate him by making Nick our very first Student of the Month.  His work habits and study skills have improved dramatically and I am very proud of the steps he has taken to do better in school.

Nick Cianflocco

Excluding his P.E. classes Nick had failed all but two classes, one semester of Agriculture and one semester of Health in his first year and a half of High School.    

I began tutoring Nick in February in 2010 one month into the second semester of his sophomore year, and although his work habits improved during his first semester with me, he still failed 3 classes and received D’s in two other classes.  I must say; however, that when I came on board, he was earning roughly 20% in every class and by the end we were able to bring up all of his grades to just around the 60% range, a 300% improvement. 

Since the summer of 2010, Nick has been extremely busy.  He has taken 11 classes, 4 online classes and 7 classes at his school.  He has not failed a single class, and has received B’s in more than half of those classes.  It has not been easy, but during a summer when most students are having fun and completely removed from school, Nick was diligently working to improve his grades and when most students as Juniors were taking 5 classes, Nick was taking 7. 

I can’t tell you how proud I am of Nick.  The improvement that I have seen in him is immense.  Now, the amount of time spent tutoring has lessened as he is able to do most of his work independently.  He is receiving positive comments from teachers at Norco High School, who previously had complained that he did nothing.  I still tutor Nick from time to time to help him study for a test, or work on one of his online classes, but he is the one that takes the initiative to set up these appointments. 

Nick is continuing to work hard and we’re hoping that this semester is his best yet.  He seems a lot happier than he was one year ago.  He is now planning for college and told me that he will not settle for anything less than a 3.0 this semester (now, a realistic goal).  Not bad for someone who had failed nearly every class just one year ago. 

If you have a student who is struggling to do well in school, consider hiring a tutor.  As a tutor for Nick this past year, I have witnessed the amount of improvement that can happen when a student experiences success in the classroom.  Click here if you are interested in hiring a tutor, http://thecatutoringsolution.com/tutoring.html

Nick, congratulations for being named our Student of the Month for January.