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Angela Campos

 Posted by at 5:03 pm
Sep 102015
The Tutoring Solution's Tutor: Angela Campos

The Tutoring Solution’s Tutor: Angela Campos

  • What is your experience as a tutor or teacher?

I have approximately 3 years of experience tutoring children ages 3 to 7. I also tutor my own children, and I am proud to say they are in a higher educational level than their peers.

  • What subjects are you best at?

I can tutor math, language arts, science, history, art, and Spanish.

  • What is your schedule like? What days and times are you available to tutor?

I am available Mondays through Fridays after 3 PM. I am also available on Saturdays from 7 AM to 11 AM.

  • Where did you attend school? What degrees do you have?

I graduated at Westwood College after approximately 4 and half years, and I obtained a bachelor of science degree in computer animation.

  • What cities can you tutor in?

I can tutor in Riverside, Eastvale, and Corona.

  • Are you open to tutoring students via Skype or another online platform?


  • What are your future career goals?

My career goals presently are to be able to obtain a job that is personally and economically rewarding for me, such as tutoring. And in some years, when my children are old enough, I plan to retake my career as a computer animator.

  • What are your hobbies? What do you like to do for fun?

I have many hobbies, among them is painting, sewing, playing soccer, cooking, and my favorite hobby is building projects, like construction with power tools and all. For fun, I love to go to the movies, especially the animated ones, and shop either for me or my children.

  • What accomplishments have you achieved while working as a tutor/teacher?

My student went from not being able to recognize any numbers to adding two digits at a tie and from a non reader to be able to read at the 1st grade level at the age of 6. I also taught, at the time, my seventy year old non-English speaking father to pass his citizenship test. It took me almost a year, but our effort paid off at the end so I am very proud of us both.

  • What do you enjoy the most about tutoring/teaching?

What I enjoy the most is to see the children’s self confidence boost when they know they got over a challenge that they thought was impossible to overcome. I enjoy bonding with the children and knowing that they will forever remember the given help, and to know that these little ones, in my care, are on the right track for a successful future. That is what fuels my passion for tutoring.



If you’re interested in hiring Angela as a tutor, please contact us at (909) 238-8233 or email us at TheTutoringSolution@gmail.com. To learn more about our other tutors, click on the link.

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