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Sep 302014
The Tutoring Solution's Tutor: Anna Nguyen

The Tutoring Solution’s Tutor: Anna Nguyen

  • What is your experience as a tutor or teacher?

I have experience tutoring my fellow classmates and others who needed help understanding the materials in their classes, either in history or math.

  • What subjects are you best at?

The subjects that I excel in are Geometry, Algebra I, AP World History, AP US History, and English.

  • What is your schedule like? What days and times are you available to tutor?


Tutor is no longer available.

  • What school are you currently attending? What degrees are you currently working towards?

I am currently attending Chaffey College and will be transferring as a third year student to the University of California, Riverside. I am currently working towards a Bachelor’s degree in accounting.

  • What cities can you tutor in (i.e. how far are you willing to drive to tutor)?

I am comfortable tutoring within a 15-20 mile radius from Montclair. For example, Upland, Ontario, Chino, Chino Hills, Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, etc.

  • Are you open tot tutoring students via Skype or another online platform?

I would be open to tutoring students via Skype or any other online platform.

  • What are your future career goals?

I intend to work as an accountant.

  • What are your hobbies? What do you like to do for fun?

My hobbies include yoga and ballet.

  • What accomplishments have you achieved while working as a tutor/teacher?

While working as a tutor I have helped fellow classmates do well on tests and raise their grades. One in particular went from having a D in class to an A-.

  • What do you enjoy the most about tutoring/teaching?

The best feeling of being a tutor is when the person you helped has a better understanding of the material at hand and perform well in class.


If you’re interested in hiring Anna as a tutor, please contact us at (909) 238-8233 or email us at TheTutoringSolution@gmail.com. To learn more about our other tutors, click on the link.

We provide tutoring in Chino, Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, Eastvale, Alta Loma, Ontario, Corona, Norco, Mira Loma and all the surrounding cities.  We have students from Sky Country Elementary, Oxford Preparatory Academy, Townsend Junior High School, Roosevelt High School, Alta  Loma High School, Norco High School, Centennial High School, Chino Hills High School, Ontario Christian High School and Ayala High School.

Geometry Tutoring

 Posted by at 3:45 pm
Mar 292011

The Tutoring Solution provides Geometry Tutoring in the Inland Empire, Orange County and Los Angeles County.  Many students have a difficult time when they get to geometry and need extra assistance to understand the concepts associated with Geometry.  Geometry is not just math, but also deals with shapes and how to understand the mathematical significance of shapes and dimensions.  Many students struggle with Geometry because they have not developed their spatial intelligence fully.

The Tutoring Solution has been highly successful in giving our students the tools to excel at Geometry.  A great example of the success we have had with our students comes from February’s Student of the month, Jonathan Recinos.  Patty, Jonathan’s mother was concerned because Jonathan had always been a good student, but began to struggle in his Geometry class.  He failed the semester before and even though he asked the teacher for help after school he was really having a tough time with it.  Patty says that Jonathan learned more in the first two hours working with our tutors than he had all year in his Geometry class.

The one-on-one in home tutoring that we provide allows for success like Jonathan’s to happen every day.  If you find that your child is struggling in Geometry, a great way to assist them is to hire one of our tutors.  We have the skills to develop your child’s spatial and mathematical intelligence to help them succeed in Geometry.

At The Tutoring Solution, we aim to provide tutoring that suits your needs.  We have tutors that can meet at flexible times and places.  We can come to your home, meet at a public place, or conduct online tutoring.  We provide in-home tutoring in Chino, Chino Hills, Eastvale, Corona, Fontana, Lake Forest, Monrovia, Pasadena, Diamond Bar, Ontario, Norco, Rancho Cucamonga, Alta Loma and Riverside.

If you are interested in signing up for a tutoring session, please contact Zeb Welborn at (909) 973 – 9089.