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This is the fourth year that we are offering our Share Your Passion Scholarships. It has been such a heartwarming and inspiring experience to see how talented and passionate the youth in our community are, which is part of the reason that drives us to continue to give out scholarships to deserving students.

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The founder and owner of The Tutoring Solution, Zeb Welborn, held a Golf Tournament in order to raise money for different charities, particularly to raise money for next years’ Share Your Passion Scholarship.

When Zeb first founded The Tutoring Solution, his main goal was to help students and inspire them to follow their dreams. As the business grew, he decided he wanted to give back to students in our community even more, so he created the Share Your Passion Scholarship.

The first scholarships awarded were in 2012 and we have continued to offer scholarships each year. We have awarded scholarships to 17 very deserving students. Throughout the years we have kept in contact with many of the scholarship winners and we have seen how they have blossomed into truly outstanding human beings. They have all kept true to the spirit of their essays and continue to work towards following their passions and helping better the lives of others. We like to think that our Scholarship motivated them, even if just a little, into continuing to follow their dreams.

Continue below to learn more about our past scholarship winners.

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Check out the winners of our 2015 Student of the Year Scholarship!

Theresa Valdez

Theresa Valdez

Theresa Valdez is an exceptional young woman; she is truly one of a kind. We were very fortunate to get the opportunity to work with her, and her mother, for over 2 years. Throughout those two years, we have been extremely impressed with everything that Theresa has accomplished. We knew she would make a perfect candidate as our Student of the Year, that is why we selected her for our first annual Student of the Year Scholarship.

Check out the winners of the 2015 Share Your Passion Scholarships!

From Left to Right: Martha Rosario, Kyaw Kyaw Aung, and Eui Kyung (Pearl) Rhee

From Left to Right: Eui Kyung (Pearl) Rhee, Martha Rosario, and Kyaw Kyaw Aung

Martha Rosario wrote an inspired essay about her desire to improve the environment and make the world a better place for us all. Her goal is to make people aware of the effects humankind has on our environment.

Kyaw Kyaw Aung wrote about his admiration for his dad and his desire to become an engineer like his father. He hopes to be able to help others by becoming an engineer.

Eui Kyung (Pearl) Rhee wrote about her aspiration to play the flute and create beautiful music for others to enjoy, as well as to become a flute teacher, and/or a music therapist.

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Morgan Craig moved us with her essay about becoming a psychologist, with an emphasis in gerontology. Her goal was to help the elderly find peace during their last years of life.

Lucia Sanchez also inspired us by writing an essay about her passion for forensic pathology. She aspired to become a forensic pathologist in order to bring peace to the families of murder victims.

Andrea Calderon wrote about her passion for dance and her desire to share that passion with young students and become a dance teacher. She wrote about the love of expressing herself with dance movements.

Maria Bello Carrillo talked about her strong desire to pursue a career in medicine and help children from underdeveloped countries. She wanted to provide people from underdeveloped countries with information, knowledge, and preventative care.

Ching Li expressed her desire to become a nurse and help people who are in need of medical attention. She wanted to provide them with some hope and comfort in their time of need.

Asia Nguyen talked about her goals to become a biomedical engineer and to make medical machines better and more accessible to everyone.

Keely Schemmer wrote an essay about her passion for the arts. She talked about wanting to become a middle school music teacher and share her love of music with others.

Mena Mekhaeel also wrote about his passion for music and how he aspired to pass on his love of music to others. He wishes to inspire others through his music.

Check out the winners of the 2013 Share Your Passion Scholarships!

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From Left to Right: Michael Benjamin, Kevin San Juan, and Alexandra Robledo

Michael Benjamin wrote about his love for running. He wanted to share his love of running with others and show them what hard work and motivation could do. When we last spoke to Michael he was attending UC San Diego and working on becoming a Chemical Engineer and still running.

Kevin San Juan wanted to become a chef. While growing up, he often had to cook his own meals, even as a young child. His goal was to help others by offering delicious food and eventually start his own business and be able to give back to his family and community.

Alexandra Robledo’s goal was to become a nurse in order to help people in need of medical care. She wanted to be able to offer support to people in need of medical attention.

Check out the winners of the 2012 Share Your Passion Scholarships!

From Left to Right: David Dillon, Julia Schemmer, Jennifer Aneke, Alex Bernstein, and Jessica Senior

From Left to Right (Top): David Dillon, Julia Schemmer, and Jennifer Aneke; From Left to Right (Bottom): Alex Bernstein and Jessica Senior

David Dillon was an impressive young man working towards bringing people together. He wanted to learn different languages and to teach others, by example, the importance of learning about other people’s cultures and valuing what each culture has to offer. When we last heard from him he was attending college and adjusting successfully to the transition.

Julia Schemmer aspired to become a medical doctor and travel to impoverished countries to help people with fewer resources to medical attention. When we last heard from her she had created a Facebook page in support of cancer patients and she was also writing for the HuffPost Teen.

Jennifer Aneke wrote about her desire to become a lawyer and help bring justice to people who had been mistreated. She wanted to follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s example and stand up for the voiceless.

Alex Bernstein talked about her passion for the arts – from painting, to drawing, photography, music and writing. She talked about sharing her passion for art and helping others find their voice through art.

Jessica Senior’s goal was to follow in the footsteps of some of the individuals that had inspired her the most in life – her teachers. Her goal was to obtain a PhD in English Composition and become a high school teacher and continue on the tradition of inspiring young people like herself.

Nicole Hyland aspired to be an actress. She wanted to share the same joy that she had felt when watching great actors. She wanted to be able to inspire, teach, and entertain others through her craft.