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A Message for Parents

Hello Parents,

   We hope your new school year is filled with lots of learning, discovering, and memorable experiences.

   While you’re in the midst of this new school year it's important to help your bright children prepare for their future, consider signing them up for our SAT Essay Writing Program. The SAT Writing Program places focus on the writing portion of the SAT. Your child will be able to test and develop their writing skills with out the pressure of the SAT so they will be better prepared when it really counts.

   What we offer is unique -- one-on-one, individualized analysis and feedback on a series of writing assignments completed by your student. The program is geared toward junior high and high school students. We’ve found that the extra practice, coupled with the advice and writing tips from our coaches is an effective combination. Your student will have more confidence in their own writing abilities, and will have more tools at their disposal.

   Help your student prepare for the years ahead of them, sign them up for our SAT Essay Writing Program.

Zeb Welborn

The Tutoring Solution

About The SAT Writing Program

The Tutoring Solution’s SAT Essay Writing Program is designed to help students improve their writing. The ability to effectively communicate with the written word is enormously valuable. In school, it leads to better grades. On the SAT, it can mean a better college. In a job search, it makes a professional impression. In a career, it opens doors to success.

For most of us, writing well is not something that comes easily. It is a skill that can be developed and fine-tuned. This program can help writers of all levels. Students receive individualized feedback from a professional educator in program specifically created to help raise their SAT writing score.

How It Works

Each assignment is designed to foster improvement. Following the guidelines of each assignment, the student will write essays on our suggested topics. Some of the assingments will have added instructions for essay planning and time management. Our topics have been chosen to unleash the student’s creativity as well as serve as a basis for the improvement of writing basics. They are designed to be thought-provoking and interesting.

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Essays are submitted to the writing coach who will provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. The students may be asked to incorporate the comments and suggestions to revise their essay. All feedback is positive, constructive, upbeat and encouraging. Additional assignments may incorporate essay planning skills or a time limit. By the end of the program our aspiring writers will be more confident in their writing -- sentence structure, grammar, word usage, spelling and vocabulary. They will also learn techniques to help them organize and develop their thoughts, present those thoughts on paper with clarity and pursuasion, and they'll be ready to tackle the writing portion of the SAT.

We suggest that the student complete one assignment per week, but the length of each program is flexible. (The limit for the length of the program is one year from your payment date.)

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